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Originally Posted by Kaplan View Post



you from Kopenhagen Kaplan?

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Nice- amazing photos, I'm always so envious
Toasty- love that driver. What are the pants?
Originally Posted by snowmanxl View Post

yeah, untucked would be great there. i like the khaki colour scheme though!!
Originally Posted by colabear View Post

the material of the bucket hat and jacket is too matchy-matchy. Maybe a bucket hat with a print. The shirt is too dressy for the look you are going for and the belt looks office-cy. Maybe a brown leather belt with a rustic look with like a braided detail or a D ring buckle. Maybe suede chukkas or a plain leather oxford shoes.
Thanks I was sort of going for the matchy thing. Kind of like eg f/w 2011 look book (I think that was it atleast). I think ideally you wouldn't see my belt if my shirt was untucked.

Originally Posted by wahwho11 View Post

you're pulling the bucket way too down.  it's looking like a tophat-- or it's just a bad looking bucket.  some people can't do buckets, i'm sure i'm one of them.
Yeah this one has given me difficulty because it's got a large brim so it can kind of look top hat like. I was trying
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Originally Posted by clapeyron View Post

you from Kopenhagen Kaplan?

Ja, jeg bor i København.

You recognised the location?
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Yes. I had a golf vacation on Fehmarn recently and from there I made a quick weekend trip to Kopenhagen, amongst other things I visited the natural history museum and the botanical garden.


I'm jealous of Danish people's high standard of living. I mean Germany is doing okay but I imagine Americans visiting Denmark will have their minds blown when they realize what happens when you are not wasting taxes on a military budget.

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Though we do have the world's highest taxes AFAIK.
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kGTEeLZ.jpgWarning: Spoiler ( bonus geese xing)! (Click to show)

traffic stopping geese
rick tee
damir shorts
ann d sneakers
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toasty's eg jacket is really ill-fitting. looks uncomfortable and digs in to the pits.
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pockets-in-weird-places type jackets like toasty's seem to call for other quirky stuff like baggy tweeded cargos or some kind of ornate vest with equally incongruent pockets like said jacket or something. or something along those lines. offsets the 'strange jacket outfit' into (a) more viable look(s). maybe i'm just not behind the jacket is all

ann d trainers looking good
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Sun and showers Saturday:

Nigel Cabourn
Oliver Spencer
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dat palette

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I'd be curious to hear what someone not into fashunz would say about kgfan's fit. It's aesthetically accessible enough for most people. At first glance it seems like something you could approximate with mall brand stuff, but if it was that easy then...

They'd be in for some fun sticker shock that's for sure.
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Honestly I thought those Ann D were Vans at first glance...I mean the detail shot gives you a better view them though
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Awesome Moo
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Originally Posted by erzu View Post

toasty's eg jacket is really ill-fitting. looks uncomfortable and digs in to the pits.

Let me correct you

The jacket aside from the shoulder and sleeve fits pretty well if not half a size big in the body. I think it is known that EG fits slim in the shoulder and sleeve a little short at times. The pit area is not digging into my underarm. It is worn open and draping giving that effect. Worn with just a tee the jacket is loose, with a shirt, I'd say fitted

I really like the jacket perhaps not best to be worn with the trousers that are the same pair as the black ones from previous outfit. That said it seems like both outfits got a lot of flack and could be bettered with some denim rather than loose pants.

I really like the two trousers and will look in to wearing them with a looser top similar to yohji etc.
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