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awesome dude icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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Another spacepope winner!!
Kosher burger!!! with cajun fries and chicken tenders!!

Chocolate chip cookies and fit not shown.

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all of that food would look better if i were eating it. dunno about the cookies depends what kind.

art's attachment boots. some nice

it was hot in colorado today. about a mile closer to the sun hot
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Originally Posted by Noctone View Post

I leave Denver for one effin day and come back and it's in the 90s


Yeah it's stupid out.


slstr yeah the bag is SIlent. I was actually walking home past this jewelery store one day and this elderly eastern European woman came running out, asking if my bag was Silent Damir Doma who knew? I'm long overdue for a Contentedness Thread post and this bag will definitely be featured.


Also thanks guys shog[1].gif

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Did you get that from Synth? Always made me want one like it anytime he posted a fit with it.
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Need more deets of the tie + PS, color, print, etc.
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ps... what else could it be?!?!?

it's actually from a sample from collection III. A 13.5 x13.5 voile cotton hand dyed using the adire process. And yes. it has fringed edges.


tie is protoype of the ties I will be launching this Fall. It's 3" wide silk with fringed edges. I am thinking of going 3.25" though the fabric is in house fabric from the factory that I am working with but I will be using my own fabrics.

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Originally Posted by clapeyron View Post

oh we are having a food threak?

...imagine trousers in the same colour and who would have guessed it? black cap toes.

APC jawnz and margiela sidezip jawnz 3 EDGY 4 SW&D !

Tie is too informal for the rest of the outfit (stiff and high collar on a striped shirt, navy suit and black captoes). Would have really liked a solid, non-shiny black tie with this or something more MC sedate.
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durum boner
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Looking forward to the ties..
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great fit art. so jelly of those boots. no full shot today but you get the idea

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

geller slash tee
dh clawmarks jeans
guidi reverse bison boots

edit: resized.
Edited by kgfan5 - 6/4/13 at 9:58am
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artishard is that your work in the background?
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i really like those boots, kg. like a lot. were to kop?
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