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I agree. One big take away that I've had from the experience so far is that shorter jackets don't work for me - I prefer something at just above my hips, rather than at the belt line.
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is moo going to kunk out next?
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Fuuma told me not to frown.gif
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From last week...

- Julius jacket
- Uniqlo t-shirt
- Petar Petrov trousers
- Ann Demeulemeester sneakers + bag
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Hell yes.
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Man I'm so glad I was able to snag a pair of Ann d kicks. Great stuff, Platypus!
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cdghp blazer
lost & found shirt
dior homme waxed jeans
andrew mac boots
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Moo, did you keep jacket #1?

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Platypus, kgfan—excellent stuff. nod[1].gif
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Well, between TTO/Kgfan/Platypus our good fit quota is fulfilled for the weekend.
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Originally Posted by Parker View Post

Moo, did you keep jacket #1?

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kgfan5: Great fit (and nice wall smile.gif)

nahneun: Ann D sneakers are nice and comfy. The soles tend to wear out quicker than regular converse though...
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nice footwear guys.
i really need some ann sneakers as well. would be perfect for summer inlove.gif
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thanks platypus. love those anns. ha, I think you and lel have two of best waywt walls hands down.
Edited by kgfan5 - 5/24/13 at 2:56pm
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I need a wall. redface.gif
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