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Stitch, really good.
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Originally Posted by Mr. Moo View Post

Stitch, really good.

shog[1].gif cool. thanks, man.
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Originally Posted by clapeyron 
Why are so many people hating on PG? From what I see he is a down to earth self confident guy who really enjoys living exactly the life he wants.
And what's with people questioning his dedication towards his hobby? have you seen his calves?

When everything you do, you label "#firstworldproblems" or #definitelynotstarbucks, and then post pictures of your daily routine as if they're interesting, I will not think of you as "down to earth," but dude is definitely living how he wants and is very self confident. In fact, too outwardly self-confident for others to enjoy watching. it gets obnoxious.

Dude is into biking and I do not doubt that. His "dedication" should be pretty understandable for other SFers--he loves the outfits, he loves the gear, the details, the excessive photography of the stuff he likes. It used to be clothes, now it's bikes. we don't care about bikes as much, so it's easy to go "wtf is this" just as people not into clothes will look at SF and go "wtf this is just clothes." maybe if you're a bike gear guy, that part of his blog is interesting to you.

yes, we have seen his calves. too, too many times. that's another piece of the problem here.

But on the other hand, after his backstory (the almost-died/should be dead thing) and how that has shaped him, we have to consider, guys, this dude is just happy to be doing his thing and he fucking revels in doing it. Who are we to hate on him doing it? It's obnoxious, so we can choose not to pay attention. I do feel like he could make an amazing blog, but it's not what he wants, and this dude does what he wants. His blog is for himself now.
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Nice fit on the jacket, Steekjes.
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Originally Posted by NOBD View Post

Nice fit on the jacket, Steekjes.

thanks you, N!
ghvhgdhjjshhhfggsbsjshssujam - what happened that he almost died?
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I can't find it on his blog atm (i must not be searching right) but he had some sort of condition that the doctors said he would die from within a year at some point in his life, and he obviously did not do so, instead he made a miraculous recovery or something. He's mentioned it a few times and talked about how it reshaped his worldview.
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Originally Posted by kashmir View Post

this the same trend that involves fixed gears?


No, that's hipsters pretending to be bicycle couriers. It might be more ridiculous than road bike culture.

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We're all bound to die within a year at some point in our lives
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Birdman Birdman!!!

Birdman Birdman!!!
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Slow day on WAYWT... so... a short photo history of leather jackets and Mr. Moo, in chronological order. Some choices were certainly better than others, for various reasons. I only have 3 jackets left at this point.

Warning: 8-9 photos (Click to show)








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Originally Posted by Dorje View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

You aren't doing those CDiems any favors by pairing them with a sailing outfit.
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Last is def the best of the bunch. Even though some of the older ones could stand a fighting chance with a better pic/ better rest-of-the-outfit.
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I agree. One big take away that I've had from the experience so far is that shorter jackets don't work for me - I prefer something at just above my hips, rather than at the belt line.
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is moo going to kunk out next?
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