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nahneun with that schoolboy fit. strong showing. just needs better photos
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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

Rainy day fit, off to study LSAT at the library. Oh joy
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

Shouldn't you wear a spread collar? The current shirt just makes your neck longer. Fwiw I have the same problem and since changing to spread collar I find it feels and looks better. Since you wear a jacket or light knit ie cardigan the collar point on the spread should lie flat underneath the top layer. Looks good...even without a tie albeit the backlash received on the forum. IMO who cares so as long as the shirt is nice.

More so, spread collars can have a "nice roll" and for a slim frame like yours can broaden your neck and shoulder line, which is right. I think the clothes should compliment your body shape and proportions before anything else like "hard and fast rules."


Yes, you're right. And in fact all my dress shirts are cutaway collars. On casual shirts, I go back and forth on what I like. When I first started buying clothes to wear to work, I bought button-down collars because that's what the Gap was selling in 2003. Then I remember living in London in 2004 and seeing everyone on the tube in the morning wearing at least a spread collar if not a full cutaway. I thought that look was really cool, and bought a bunch of dress shirts while I was there that all had cutaway collars. For awhile, no one in the US was wearing that style. Lately, and especially ever since #menswear became a thing, they've become ubiquitous in the US as well. So perhaps due to over-saturation, I found myself going back to button-downs for more casual fits (even though they are still everywhere too -- I just wanted some more variety within my own wardrobe). The main advantage is that they won't ever lie down, even when unbuttoned, which, again -- due to the long neck, is a useful feature. Fwiw, point collars will always look terrible on me, though.

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I thought you didn't want to go to law school reeds
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"Cosplaying" in Independence.

FOB Factory, Engineered Garments, Common Projects.

FOB Factory (strange name, I know) is a clothing company that Daiki Suzuki has been inspired by, which can be seen in the shirting.

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Originally Posted by g transistor View Post

I thought you didn't want to go to law school reeds

I've decided quite firmly that indeed it is what I want to do, as long as I can get into a T15-20 w/ a little money in a good part of the US. I had a bit of an identity crisis when I tested far below my practice tests for the LSAT and thought I was condemned to some middle rate midwestern/NW school. But I'm taking it again, applying super early and I got a 3.8 cum gpa so I'm feeling a bit more optimistic
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

aww man i can feel da luv inlove.gif

alright whose place am i crashing at lol8[1].gif

oh, so you are broke. foo.gif
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Originally Posted by artishard116 View Post

shoes look great. got some coming from yoox to try out.

These MOMAs are still holding up great, and i've really beaten the shit outta them. Look awesome beaten up/leather worn in
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more than a few ppl have told me dont' go into law unless you like dream lawyer dreams day and night. like if you haven't wanted to be a lawyer since cradle then it's prolly not for you. fairly obvious to say you have to have a certain let's say brain for it but more than that it seem you have to really get up in the morning and want to practice law or whatever. I don't so I decided against. Don't let me rain on your parade reedo by the way. kudos on the gpa too
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BE A __________
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Tried some moma derbys on yesterday at gravitypope Toronto (really neat store) and I quite liked them. Was wearing peir wu trousers. I also like the common projects black suede chukka.
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hey guys, can we stop with birkenstocks? thanks.
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Originally Posted by Mr. Moo View Post

hey guys, can we stop with birkenstocks? thanks.

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It would be swell if you did. Please reconsider.
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Japanese Urban Swag Farmers are awesome.
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