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Iphone Pic looks better lol8[1].gif

First fit with these Visvim I believe, circa 2010? See spoiler to get what I'm talking about.

Warning: Love Story! (Click to show)
Man, I started off the day wanting to just wear a tee shirt, APC PS with MMM side zips, but PS felt too restricting for such a nice day. Found my old pair of APC NS I have had since Junior year of high school. Raw denim was my craze back then, hence the crazy fades I made on these. I literally wore them almost everyday for the remainder of high school. I was crazy into Visvim around this time too. These Shamans had just released and I wanted them so bad, but the prices were too crazy and no USA retailer carried them near me. As a high schooler I didn't know the means or have the means to get them. Finally got them when I hit college. I forgot all about these Visvims and APC's since my fashion interests shifted and I stopped posting on NIketalk and Hypebeast much and started posting here more. I put these clothes on and instantly felt a sense of memories rushing to me. I honestly could say I was happy wearing this outfit. It felt so nostalgic. The jeans have gone through several repairs and the Visvims have seen much pavement. Now a days these items don't get much wear from me but after today I have a feeling they will be worn more this summer. Wish I had better pics to show. The elk leather is amazing, the fades are amazing. I felt great.



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Domestic. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Vintage rugby / EG fatigue shorts / muji socks / birkenstocks
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Nice stove.
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Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren View Post

maybe, but I have a pretty long neck, so I'm not usually a fan of stingy collars.

fwiw, epaulet recently redesigned their BD collar and took some of the height out of it, based on customer feedback. I appear to have been in the minority of people who preferred the taller setup.

I don't think the problem with the collar is the height, it's that it looks a bit roomy.
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stole my dad's Chelsea boots. need sluttier tee and black jeans for max sf approval

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Originally Posted by Benjaminba View Post

That cardigan is perfect! Is it from an older season?

No, from this season. It might still be on sale. "Chunky cotton cardigan" or something like that.
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Originally Posted by Cole View Post

max sf approval

sorry, I dont like raglan shoulders, so you dont get max's sf approval frown.gif
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Originally Posted by max_r View Post

sorry, I dont like raglan shoulders, so you dont get max's sf approval frown.gif

right in the feels..
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nahneun with that schoolboy fit. strong showing. just needs better photos
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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

Rainy day fit, off to study LSAT at the library. Oh joy
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

Shouldn't you wear a spread collar? The current shirt just makes your neck longer. Fwiw I have the same problem and since changing to spread collar I find it feels and looks better. Since you wear a jacket or light knit ie cardigan the collar point on the spread should lie flat underneath the top layer. Looks good...even without a tie albeit the backlash received on the forum. IMO who cares so as long as the shirt is nice.

More so, spread collars can have a "nice roll" and for a slim frame like yours can broaden your neck and shoulder line, which is right. I think the clothes should compliment your body shape and proportions before anything else like "hard and fast rules."


Yes, you're right. And in fact all my dress shirts are cutaway collars. On casual shirts, I go back and forth on what I like. When I first started buying clothes to wear to work, I bought button-down collars because that's what the Gap was selling in 2003. Then I remember living in London in 2004 and seeing everyone on the tube in the morning wearing at least a spread collar if not a full cutaway. I thought that look was really cool, and bought a bunch of dress shirts while I was there that all had cutaway collars. For awhile, no one in the US was wearing that style. Lately, and especially ever since #menswear became a thing, they've become ubiquitous in the US as well. So perhaps due to over-saturation, I found myself going back to button-downs for more casual fits (even though they are still everywhere too -- I just wanted some more variety within my own wardrobe). The main advantage is that they won't ever lie down, even when unbuttoned, which, again -- due to the long neck, is a useful feature. Fwiw, point collars will always look terrible on me, though.

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I thought you didn't want to go to law school reeds
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"Cosplaying" in Independence.

FOB Factory, Engineered Garments, Common Projects.

FOB Factory (strange name, I know) is a clothing company that Daiki Suzuki has been inspired by, which can be seen in the shirting.

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Originally Posted by g transistor View Post

I thought you didn't want to go to law school reeds

I've decided quite firmly that indeed it is what I want to do, as long as I can get into a T15-20 w/ a little money in a good part of the US. I had a bit of an identity crisis when I tested far below my practice tests for the LSAT and thought I was condemned to some middle rate midwestern/NW school. But I'm taking it again, applying super early and I got a 3.8 cum gpa so I'm feeling a bit more optimistic
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

aww man i can feel da luv inlove.gif

alright whose place am i crashing at lol8[1].gif

oh, so you are broke. foo.gif
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