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how very oliver twist, i dig it. 

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i believe the word you're looking for is dickensian



anyways, bet that looks really, really good In Real Life nahneun

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nahn, you gotta step up your baseboard game
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Yes, dude. Fuck yes.
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fantastic fit, T. so many quality fits, yay!
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Hell yea, Nahn that looks great.
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Top half of the nahneun fit seems a little bundled-up for the highwaters and exposed ankles, but bravo nonetheless.

Really like the T fit, too.
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nahneun fit so much better without the pages and pages of build-up.
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it's all part of my master plan foo.gif
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Agreed with notwithit a bit, but I feel like it still looks well composed as such.

If you took off the coat and rolled up the sleeves to 3/4th length during warmer weather I feel like it'd look sooo good as well.

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icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif nothing useful to say, but sick fit Nahn and T ( favorite from you )
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glad my shirt is being put to good use nahn
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fishbones you need to use the default font homeboy
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Introduction to Wearing Thousands of Dollars Worth of Clothing And Looking Like A Dirtbag






Part 1:


Junya Watanabe




Ann Demeulemeester

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