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so apparently b!cd is a mentat
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Pre-music festival rainstorm:
Post-music festival rainstorm (Click to show)
s3lam tribute fit
Steven Alan
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maybe it's just the angle but that looks like one mean flat foot
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yesterday + today (ft. an embarrassing case of 'what am I supposed to do with my hands right now'):

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That jacket looks great dude
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oh my. i need sherwood suede in my life
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Originally Posted by DP92 View Post

Flashy, finesse ridden, free-spirit. More money then sense, and I have alot of sense; do the math.

really? that much? if your spelling is any indication, the single digit calculation of your money/sense formula is not what an educated person would call math, it's arithmetic. keep ballin' on that Tommy Hilfiger, we're all duly impressed.
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@TWorksheets: Jacket is too b-


Just kidding, it looks great. I'd love to see that suede in sunlight.

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All white like I got the whole thing bleached.

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T you are always on point, and then I reach the shoes. 

Maybe I just don't get them. They do look comfy.

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Osh kosh that looks great man. What are the blazer + jeans?
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My first fit pic. Have a feeling I'm going to be destroyed for it, but whatever haha. Hopefully I can improve from it. Forgot to put shoes on..
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you forgot to put shoes on? how does that work?
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the pinroll looks a bit too aggressive, the pant lets look really wide in comparison
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