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Originally Posted by APK View Post

Love that bit, but seems like a non sequitur in this context, unless you're trying to say that Louis CK isn't as funny as he thinks he is, in which case, GTFO.

i love louis ck - who doesn't?

this was in reference to some guy saying white people's racism isn't as funny as white people think it is. i disagree, and think it's actually usually funnier.
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oooffff that dries is nice, parker!!
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Except that louis ck sketch wasn't racist... and racism... isn't... funny?

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MoK, that fit is so good that I actually smiled when I saw it

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Originally Posted by slstr View Post

Except that louis ck sketch wasn't racist... and racism... isn't... funny?

wh... what?
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jokes making fun of the differences between people are usually funny, as people are different and that difference can be comedic.

however, racist jokes also perpetuate ideas and attitudes that lead to bigotry and prejudice. you can't say it's "just a joke" when it skirts remarkably close to harassment and discrimination, often by white people against other races (due to a culture of white supremacy in the west, and a legacy of colonialism in non-western countries).

so while race jokes can technically "be funny" you're kind of a dick for saying them, especially if you're white and making fun of other races.

then again, making jokes about 'hahaha white people' are also kind of boring and lazy and not really that funny.
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Sorry I’m being so negative. I’m a bummer, I don’t know I shouldn’t be I’m a very lucky guy. I got a lot going from me. I’m a healthy, I’m relatively young. I’m white; which thank God for that shit, boy. That is a huge leg up. Are you kidding me? I love being white, I really do. Seriously, if you’re not white you’re missing out because this shit is thoroughly good. Let me be clear by the way, I’m not saying that white people are better. I’m saying that being white is clearly better. Who could even argue?
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Why are you a dick especially if you're white?
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That's terrible even if it is sarcastic.

Because there really are people like that out there.

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I honestly think white people are too pc. There are racist people. As long as they're outliers and not the mainstream attitude I think it's fine. There will always be assholes. Can't make everybody a saint
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What I've learned from traveling through Middle America and the South as an Asian: holy shit I'm lucky to live in California, especially the bay area. Shit's not perfect, but it's manageable.
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of course it's sarcastic... it's partially the Louis CK bit in which he says he could go to any century in a time machine and it would be great ...because he's white. and Louis does a pretty fair job of lambasting himself regularly.

My girlfriend (Asian and not US-born) and I (white, US) were at the Improv in Hollywood .... front row so you're asking to be involved when you sit there. The comedian (half Asian) went into a little improv bit about her and me. Mostly her... FOB, how dark is your skin? You're yellow, not brown, I mean not jungle brown... can you drive? white guys have bigger equipment (than Asians) ... etc. It was a fucking riot and we were laughing our asses off! The jokes as described here don't seem funny (of course you had to be there)... but the point is not to take yourself too seriously.

We were with one other of my friends (white NY jew) and he said that was nothing compared to the thrashing you would get in the front row of a similar club in NY. No disputes... just my 2 cents.
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I need a camera, here's a quick pick from last night.
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being pc is such a boring way to live
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I guess moo should use quotation marks next time.
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