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Sunny Sunday:

Similar look to last Sunday, but only the boots are identical...

Universal Works x2
Nigel Cabourn
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Originally Posted by ManofKent View Post

Sunny Sunday:

Hate being stuck in work when we get some rare decent weather, especially on a Sunday. Everything here looks great.
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yes, that is so good
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regis - great fit, congrats on the graduation, and you have an impressive jaw line. rock on.

MoK - superb, very cool.
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Played a jazz version with a band on a jazz festival of this a week ago. Came up with an arrangement I could play on solo piano. Would add so much if only you could add the beat to it.
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Originally Posted by dotcomzzz View Post

Wait what u don't drink?

I come from a long line of heavy drinkers, grandfather died of liver complications and now my dad in his early 50's is having complications, so I decided a long time ago to not drink at all. Only time I drink is some wine with the girlfriend

Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

Originally Posted by RegisDB9 View Post

Lunch with MissDB9 + I need a relaxing vacation now

i thought your life was one extended caribbean vacation?

Sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation
Originally Posted by BreezyBirch View Post

regis prefers to hit the slopes. why do you think scarface is his favourite movie

Hehe nah never had a wanting for the cocaina...though I do love that scene

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Awesome, MoK!

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Got a haircut yesterday, writing more final papers today. uhoh.gif

x2 edit:


sloppy untucked shiz (Click to show)

Edited by thewho13 - 5/5/13 at 12:57pm
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I'd tuck the shirt (unless you're wearing yohji, it almost always looks better with shirt tucked in when wearing a jacket/blazer imo)
Besides that everything is really nice, what's the jacket?

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The jacket is from a random shop in the Marais in Paris called Emile Lafaurie. I think they do stuff that's on par with Banana Republic and J. Crew, but it's obviously a much more "European" (i.e. slimmer) style, if that makes any sense. Was really, really cheap during the soldes, but I don't think I'd ever buy their stuff for retail prices.
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thewho isnt thewho anymore butbut.gif

I dig the fit tho tounge.gif
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Looks good - I agree on the tuck suggestion, but untucked still looks good.
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Thanks for the comments folks. I'm enjoying the Cabourn trousers, and it's nice to give the summer waistcoats an airing again.
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I don't like the bracelet with the blazer, but otherwise really good. I wouldn't tuck the shirt. Looks cool.
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Thanks for the comments guys. I threw in a photo tucked just to show the difference. I think I actually like it tucked more as well.

And grizzly, what are you talking about?
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