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The questions are also pretty stupid.
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I saw someone wearing a Babar shirt and ndg-1s today
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

gtran like it but please don't wear the hat on the back of your head like a willyburg hipsta

Sorry man, I would generally agree but that particular one it looks much better like that cause the shape of the brim/floppiness of it makes me look like I'm wearing one of those asian rice hats or whatever if it's sitting on top. I have a different nonnative hat that I don't wear like that though

moo shirt is gitman vintage ss13, stitches frames are oliver peoples vintage gregory peck or whatever.

thanks for the words and thumbs, all.
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I desperately want to know what kind of pants you're wearing
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They're levis 511 forest green cords that i bough from urban outfitters about 4 years ago. They've faded to like a sage green and have sick fades like raw denim where the cording has come undone. Like I got whiskers and everything dude, and it's embarrassing how often I wear them cause they're so comfy now. Maybe I will post a contented post
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101F and it isn't even summer yet ffffuuuu.gif



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this shirt never photographs well from far away



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^ that's some facial-fit incongruity there.. shirt's great though.
@ blahspam.

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Huh? Stanley looks exactly like someone who would wear a fit like that. I like everything but the shoes.
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think he's talking about the babar guy
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Originally Posted by Dudeasincool View Post

     I agree - Jabonator does have a great voice.  I think he would do well with anything by The National in terms of voice covers

Heh, have been listening to them a lot lately, and tried out some of their songs, too. smile.gif
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Posted basically this exact same fit a year ago, but oh well.

Tom Ford Champaca Absolute
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it's going to be legen......

wait for it.....
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You fucking better

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