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Kg are those geller cropped sweats or ricks?
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angle makes pants look fucked up a bit

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Originally Posted by onijo84 View Post

Kg are those geller cropped sweats or ricks?
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Originally Posted by Dr Huh? View Post

Kind of looks like you're about to graduate and decided to throw on a blazer on top of your gown.


Originally Posted by DLester View Post

Hendrix that doesn't work but credit to you for trying something different and taking a risk. This place will get boring if all we do is post safe fits (I am guilty of that much of the time tbh). We should all shoot the moon now and then.

Taking a risk? he's in his living room rotflmao.gif
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@GrizzlyBear FWIW I caught the plane wearing this. I do actually wear my clothes.

Cheers D, well, I feel it works anyway but yeah, I'm not exactly going to be posting the same fits over and over because it's kinda a waste of time.
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Originally Posted by sipang View Post

The sight of the boot shaft meeting with your bare calves fills me with unease.

I don't get it. My skin tone is not the same as the boot. Or are you calling me fat? I worked really hard to get rid of my cankles FWIW though the high shaft of the boot may tell differently.
Originally Posted by grizzlybear View Post

Gotta say the shorts as well as the red tee are very incongruent with that fit. I like those guidis a lot but you are doing them injustice with that fit. foo.gif

Red s/s tee with dark gray shorts, not sure what does not make sense. The fit felt pretty comfy.
See below
Originally Posted by Distorbiant View Post

@toasty I want to like it but those shorts + boots is really what throws it off for me.
Originally Posted by sipang View Post

Originally Posted by Lionheart Biker View Post

A gym fit with boots?? No man, just no.
I would not wear this to the gym. Not sure what makes you think so. The tee is a slubby cotton/linen blend. I also am not one to wear some of my more expensive clothes to work out in.
Originally Posted by BreezyBirch View Post

toasty,no hate, dude, but it just looks bad. colours all over the place (as usual) and...you're wearing white leather ankle boots with shorts... the fits of yours that i do see/unhide tend to be pretty all over the place especially in the colour department - you don't seem to have any idea what colours complement each other. i say this without any venom or malice

if you were wearing that to the gym, no big...but with a spring jacket and those boots...sigh

Can you explain this? Gray/charcoal does not compliment red and tan (basically)? I know it may well break Fuuma's rule of three. And FWIW haven't you been wearing more darker tones, grays and blacks. Most of the time your photos are not even clear TBH or taken at night.
Originally Posted by brad-t View Post

I don't have a problem with shorts with boots, or even shorts with a jacket and boots. But these particular ones just don't go.

Originally Posted by g transistor View Post

Only good shorts + boots fit I've liked has been thatoneguys, that guy knows how to put stuff together

TOG is one of my fave
Originally Posted by thatoneguy View Post

only certain man leg girth looks good with shorts + boots

Are you calling me fat?
Originally Posted by nahneun View Post

yes, androgynous man leg girth.

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I think the heat is getting to you homie
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Originally Posted by el Bert View Post

I think the investment banking is getting to you homie
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yo i heard someone was calling toasty fat
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hahahah i don't een know where the fucking terribleness in this thread starts an ends anymore. jfc.
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ghettotoasty most prolific and subliminal troll right after jet

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APK you are too nice but no
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I still can't figure out if gettoasty is a real human being or a creation of the Internet
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Hendrix, I'm with everyone else on that fit, but I think that blazer by itself is awesome. It's not the SS13 Dries is it? Kind of similar.
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