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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

if i were to wear denim, yeah, that is what it would be. please to give to me.

Sure thing, you a 27 too?
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Originally Posted by artishard116 View Post

Sure thing, you a 27 too?

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Originally Posted by grizzlybear View Post

Love the denim, deets?

Originally Posted by Caveat View Post

Somet I believe.

Yup, these are my second pair, bought one in a 30 that stretched out a bit that I wear with more of a sag.

Originally Posted by computurd View Post

I usually dont post or critique but I dunno man, i kinda see where that dude was coming from, cos it ALWAYS seems to stick out at me when I browse this thread.

Rather than 'try hard' i think 'over thought' is more appropriate.

Even with just wearing a T and jeans you still look 'over thought' which isnt a good sign.

It could be just the way you stand or something, but often you look kinda uncomfortable in what you are wearing.

It looks as though you 'try hard' or are very 'anal' about measurements and getting your clothes to be 100% perfectly fitted but this 'over-thinking' is detrimental to the final fit.

eg. the tshirt in your latest fit looks like you were attempting to get a perfectly slim fitted t-shirt but it just looks a tad too tight. I reckon you easily could (should) have sized up 1 more. But I bet the reason you didnt size up one was because you would think it would look too long, correct? Thats the sort of vibe i get from your fits

same issue when I have seen you wear sweaters where they always seem to look a touch too tight or too short.

Or even with your shirts where I bet most of your shirts were tweaked by a tailor (like length and slimmed down, am I correct?) to achieve the 'perfect shirt' but it really just makes you look stiff and probably wouldve looked better if you just never got them tweaked at all

I appreciate this. I'm not the most comfortable in front of a camera for an SF regular. Re: the shirts, I don't get them altered at all, in fact, almost all of them have the sleeves too long. I'm just built where I think a large would just swim on my stomach yet fit my shoulders/chest a bit better. The fit I'm posting today is a perfect example...its a medium Armor Lux, and i tried both the M and L, the Large was swimming on me, especially the gut, yet here the Medium fits just about right, for a slimmer look. The tee is a W&H medium, and most of the shirts I post in here are Epaulet mediums. I pretty much refuse to have any rtw shirts altered. In fact, lots of people break my balls because I leave lots of my chinos unhemmed and roll them, or give em one flip.

Part of the aversion to sizing up I guess is the fact that not too long ago I was 210, a fat slob, so I like to wear my stuff, especially my shirts, a bit on the slimmer side. I know you guys don't dig that so much here, but it makes me feel good to be able to wear stuff like that and not look like a slob.

Again, I do appreciate the feedback though, so thanks.

Originally Posted by brad-t View Post

NYR's fit isn't really try-hard, but the sunglasses + tight t-shirt could give that impression.

Yea, these are the only shades I feel don't make me look like a seems that nothing fits my face properly...feel free to offer suggestions as I desperately am searching for a nice pair. I've tried all the wayfarer sizes and they just don't work and aviators make me feel like I need to audition for Jersey Shore.
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Armour Lux x Epaulet
Alden LSxSE Conservation Boot
(not pictured Schott Vest and Detroit Tigers hat)
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NYR, my one critique would be to stack, or cuff, but not both.

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dont listen to SBV, that looks great.

somets are 003's? or 008's? I really need me a pair of those. happy.gif
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Nah agreed with Stanley, one or the other. I'd just stack these in this fit, personally.
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I honestly don't know...they're the ones with the higher rise and a bit of a taper. Where can I find the model number?
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Cuff one, stack the other. Start a trend.
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conceptual 4est LongShirt


Ann D

#whiteout with BEAR JEW, HAPPY PATTY, and BROLAMI







Oliver Peoples




Ann D

BBQ Bushwick Strangers






James Perse



apparently channeling NicelyNice with the cherry blossom petals and Udon



all stolen from various friends' instagrams so excuse the filters

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Originally Posted by artishard116 View Post

Sure thing, you a 27 too?

if this is a real offer, i can be in about a month.

NYI - not bad, but it looks like you did not try hard enough. where is the effort? tongue.gif
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So my cousin Sent me a bunch a pics he took while we were in Nigeria.










More Pics (Click to show)












standing on a rock waiting for some dudes to show us a lion that was illegally smuggled into the country for some crime lord. By the time we got there it was gone. We then found out that it was a lion cub. So anti-climactic.



at a restaurant after leaving a wedding.


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Peepholes gang represent


need hair to grow faster



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Makes me want to post a fit with my peepholes but I'm dressed way too similar to 4est
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