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I forgot to mention that the floral print is awesome nicelynice! Prob my fave floral pattern I've seen. Japan is so beautiful, thanks for sharing the lifestyle shots.

Isn't Laos unsafe? I was watching hbo's vice and they said its one of the most dangerous borders ...random, I know redface.gif
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Thanks!! Cherry blossoms are definitely one of the best times of the year here, especially after a long winter

Laos was one of the safest feeling countries I've been to in SE Asia, everyone there was really relaxed and friendly!! None of the scams or hassles of some of Thailand or other countries more used to ripping off foreigners
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+awkward angle
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Originally Posted by Oski View Post

Triple OT, Triple OG.

Later after the game we ran some street ball in these same clothes.
Ricks aren't good shoes for any sports/physical activity, y'all are crazy.

dope ... what size is the jersey...
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who - great jacket.

nicelynice - superb fit.

Originally Posted by BreezyBirch View Post

nothing. he is just a silly boy - dunno why people like to pick on you. keep doing what you do

Originally Posted by lmaozedong View Post


lol this
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NYR's fit isn't really try-hard, but the sunglasses + tight t-shirt could give that impression.
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jersey is way too small, looks like a turtleneck oski
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nice shirt, SVB. i really want a tie or SC in a red/white/blue check. been looking for a while, no dice so far.
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Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Are you the Peace Nerd?

Nice simple fit, but don't care much for the shoes. I feel like dirty bucks would work well here.
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Ballsed up the exposure. This definitely needs 'cooler' boots.


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gap jacket
thom browne shirt
triple works jeans
ll bean boots
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Met some animal friends and then threw on a jacket later:




Top is John Elliott / Rick / John Elliott and Nike Frees and bottom is givenchy / john elliott x2 and raf.

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raw denimz

feels weird bro
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Hello from Warsaw! I'm on vacation and the weather wasn't playing nice; it was a cloudy and overcast day today.

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mission workshop

Since I took these photos, I've done a small pinroll to kind of take control of the sloppiness of the cuffs. It sits right at the top of the sneakers, behind the tongue, and I think it looks a lot cleaner and less messy/disorganized. You can see the bow and zipper a little better this way too.
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