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Well Hendrix, if you ever decide you don't want that Siki, I'll take it from you smile.gif
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I think tunic and blazer can work. It just doesn't work iin this case  for Hendrix

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agree with T. here's a different Siki tunic with blazer for an idea

actually, this may not be all that helpful because the shape of the tunic is very different. yours is more like a piece of light outerwear because of the shape/pockets. you can always check out the lookbook from that collection for ideas too: http://citiboyswag.blogspot.com/2012/03/on-stage-jonathan-kroppman-for-siki-im.html
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i think i want to post an MC fit so i can have an opposites attract fit battle with hedrix. smile.gif
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Recipe for success for wearing blazers with tunicas and alike:
Loose/billowy tunica -> loose/billowy blazer

Slim(/longer) tunica -> slim(/longer) blazer

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Sorry Henny, I don't like that at all. Tunic looks pretty awful there, even if it's a cool piece. I like your other stuff better (brighter colors)
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"Adventurous, flashy and blissfully sassy."




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Whoa, tough crowd. I don't think it looks bad. I actually like the juxtaposition of the narrow blazer.
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synth- not a big fan a pink, any other color would of been better in my eyes

Hendrix- that looks bad, in fact it looks exactly like a dental assistants lab coat complete with waist tie thing frown.gif
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Originally Posted by Fycus View Post

I don't get hendrix's fits at all. Between the pastels and the weird combo of shoes and blazers. What is your typical court jester routine to go with that outfit? I'll give it to you for trying the tunic, but who was crazy enough to think it would ever would

I can't understand this comment. Do u know what pastels are?

EDIT: oh I see, you don't get any of my fits.

Well, that's ok.
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Hendrix I like it but I think the shoes are the issue... needs something weirder like sandals or loafers.  Or sneakers even?

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the hendrix one is just too renfair. the other dude is more middle-eastern tunic, so it works a little better.

edit: sandals would be, uh, a bold, very very renfair choice.
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Glitz, Glam, your girlfriend better get a pregnancy scan

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I try to refuse that you're real but knowing that you are makes me feel so much better about myself.

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If money could weep it would cry me a river,

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