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I actually think the shoes could be okay with the fit--as you say, Ervell uses creeper type shoes and I think it fits in nicely (I actually own Redwing postman shoes to wear with very similar fits). I just feel like creepers and skinny cropped pants say futurofashion to me (with the knowledge that jwoowoo also owns the spacerocket Rafs) whereas a straw hat and patterned short sleeve button up feel more early 20th century. I like the idea of mixing things up, but the sharpness of the pants are what throws it off for me. I had no idea what the label of anything was except for the shirt when I first saw the fit.

Then again, if everything was one size larger, I probably would think this was a freakin awesome fit.
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thewho13 needs to change that top to a lighter weight L/S

Those Hope dropped crotch shorts was something I was eyeing as well so +1 for picking them up. Looks proper on you i.e. the proportions.
I think L/S with shorts is fine, but the current L/S that is worn is a knit and not really natural with the bottom and no-show socks with sneakers. Should check out VoidtheBrand or something as they make light natural cotton tees in S/S and L/S. Would look and feel a whole lot cooler during S/S season than that maroon top.
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I wear heavy wool sweaters with shorts.
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+1 to that
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Whatever floats your boat

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I see what you're saying guys, thanks for the comments!

I just have to go slim it's just me I guess:D
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Originally Posted by the shah View Post

Stitches that last one is kiko, he's over in yohji thread. As is the "priest" asobu and the "cool hat" wire.artistMbd is always great, very nice person.
Originally Posted by fishbones View Post

Yup, that's Shui.
He has great layering ideas, very nice and humble guy too.

thanks for the info, guys. and i i may have to start reading the yohji thread.
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Sunny, but frosty. I will get to put the tweed away soon smile.gifWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Swallows on the shirt if not in the skies:

Common People

this is superb. excellent way to wear all blue.
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dlester, i love yer outfits and how they work together but for some reason the shape of the top half always seems off to me frown.gif
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They're too slim/short for someone his size.
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no that's funny.
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Originally Posted by XenoX101 View Post


Originally Posted by JKISSI View Post

Aeglus sharp!

Too many laughs in here I swear lol,

SE on ties

Love the earth/stone palette, personally I would have gone beltless to look more natural and less business but that's not a criticism just a preference.
i could use a brown or grey hounstooth fedora...just my style
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