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Originally Posted by AKang View Post

what the FUCK is the reason for posting that hellish photo?! good god!!!!!!!
Originally Posted by shoreman1782 View Post

What is going on in here

This is god's work. If you don't have the stomach for it, you better be thankful that braver souls and cooler heads are working day and night to preserve your freedom. And your future.
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Originally Posted by Dr Huh? View Post

Not bad. I'd probably swap the Converse for some bucks, though, or plain white sneakers. Maybe tuck your shirt in, as well. See how Mellow Fellow does it: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Speaking of which, whatever happened to that guy?

that fit is awesome. dude has style.
Originally Posted by g transistor View Post

They can be removed stitches Warning: Snakes Ticks (Click to show)

There were actually 2 more photos that showed the snake after removal and a container having all the ticks in it. Pretty cool but I can't find those anymore
EDIT here they are, maybe you'll feel better

Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

I guess you guys have never seen the tick-fields of the Northeast. Horrific. Blighted, diseased. The fuckers drop down on you from the trees; the swollen corpses of adorable creatures litter the once-verdant forests, and civilization itself is at a standstill. The people are starving; crops decimated, water tainted, soil ruined. The ground itself looks like it's moving, but it's just the glistening carapaces of millions upon millions of ravenous ticks. Rivers of insectoid sludge pour through the wilted fern-banks. Hell on earth.

what in the fucking hell. that is mind boggling.

1. where the hell did they come from in such numbers.

2. how the fuck are they going to get rid of them

3. do they attack humans too. i assume yes, and if so, can a person be saved once he has them?

g - yes, i do feel better. glad that it is possible to remove them. thanks for finding the pics.
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

I'm give this to elisix as bows1 does not look comfortable at all -- zero swag. need to wear that toj ma-1 open and let that placket hannnnnnnngggggggg

In the battle of Ervell vs Jawnz, Ervell is the winner.

meet bows1 outside uniqlo

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and here I thought WASPs were the insect scourge of Connecticut
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In summer my dogs get a lot of ticks on them. It´s horrible. Fortunately applying a pippete in the back of their necks makes most of them fall off. I thought having to see them with a bunch of ticks on their ears  was bad, but after reading what synth wrote, I´m never complaining about ticks again.


ps: grossest day on SF.

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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

NOBD - very cool.


yes, I have a photo. but im afraid it will just encourage the grossness of today's waywn theme. 

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Originally Posted by Parker View Post

yes, I have a photo. but im afraid it will just encourage the grossness of today's waywn theme.

frown.gif c'mon, man. poast it!
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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

no, those are deer ticks in a deer's ear. I stay the hell away from Connecticut. The whole of the east coast is practically lost already, though. We've pulled back to the bunkers but the goddamn bugs just keep coming. We're going to have to raze every single blueberry patch from Yonkers to the Bay of Fundy if we're going to save humanity. At this very moment, Neil Patrick Harris is doing his utmost to science them into oblivion, but progress takes time - time we don't have.

There are rumors that a single collective consciousness controls them. AFL and his crack squad of DEET-wielding commandos are being sent in to investigate and, if possible, destroy the main site of the bug insurgence.

You don't want to come over and experience cicada fest 2013?
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Originally Posted by lesamourai View Post

You don't want to come over and experience cicada fest 2013?

we get them every 17 years. so gross. also really loud and annoying.
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bows looks like the terminator in that uniqlo shot
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The Talisman, Pt. 3 (Click to show)
The first thing I tasted was bile. I blinked, confused by the sudden light in my eyes. Pip slowly
blurred into focus.

"You puked on yourself, cap," he said with barely restrained glee. I closed my eyes and groaned. I felt like an airship had been dropped on me. I hurt everywhere. Sore, sore, sore.

But warm.

My eyes snapped open and I lurched up, scrabbling at my shirt and trousers. There was a white mark on my hip, about the size of a quarter. Nothing else. I sighed, and lowered myself back down.

"Thank the Fallen," I mumbled, "it's gone."

"What's gone, Cap?" Pip said. I turned one eye to look at him. His right ankle was all wrapped up. Doc musta been down while I was out.

"I coulda sworn something was burrowing its way inside of me back on that freighter," I said.

"Oh," Pip said, "Doc said something about a burn on your hip."

"Yeah," I said, shivering, remembering the feeling of the cold...whatever it had been. "Musta been
some kind of refrigerant on board. Broke open when the Corthians opened up on us, I imagine."

"Well," Pip said, "It's nice to see you awake."

Pip's sweet like that. Of course, you save a man's life he's bound to think a little more highly of
you. Especially if that man's a sixteen year-old kid.

The door to the infirmary swung open and Meredith barrelled through, red hair flying everywhere. I
shot up again, wincing at the pain in my hip.

"Finally," she raged, "you're awake. Hell of a time to take a nap."

I opened my mouth to reply, but she talked over me.

"One of the gunships musta put out a distress call. The Hawk is showing that we've got three
Corthian birds in pursuit. And get this: they have a Mara-class corvette that's tagging along.

I felt my blood run cold. Meredith, on the other hand, looked almost overjoyed. I have long
maintained that she's insane.

"How far out?" I asked, gasping as I swung my legs over the side of the infirmary bed.

"Eleven kliks," she said, crossing her arms in front of her chest and standing in front of me.


"We don't have near enough firepower to take on a Mara, I said, getting slowly to my feet. "Tell Vince and Jimmy it's time to go dark."

"They ain't gonna leave us be, Cap," Mer said, not moving.

"They sure as hell are if they think we ain't here," I said, gingerly making my way to the door.

"Come on. Where the hell are we, anyway? Pip, you stay here."

"About eighty kliks away from the mountain," said Mer, following me out into the cargo hold and towards the ladder that led to the main deck.

"And they tracked us here?"

"Looks like it. Still think we can hide?"

"When I said dark, I meant totally dark," I replied, turning to face her. Meredith paused.

"But Cap," she said, "we ain't...we ain't tried that before."

"Seems as good a time to try as any," I said, turning back to the ladder. I almost asked her if she'd rather take on what amounted to a Corthian raiding party, but I stopped myself. It would have been the wrong question.

"Where the hell is Doc?" I said, swinging my left leg up onto the ladder and immediately regretting it. "I need to talk to him."

"In the forward cabin," Mer said. "Waitin' on you, most like."

I took a minute to collect myself before I wrenched and lurched my way up the ladder. As soon as I
poked my head through the floor, Jimmy yelled at me from the cockpit.

"Cap, we got a problem!"

"What now?" I said, pulling myself to my feet. Meredith hopped up behind me, spry as a cat.

"Uh, well, we got more'n one problem," Jimmy answered. "Now it's more like...eight."

I hobbled inside and saw Jimmy seated at the navvy's chair. Sure enough, our long-distance scanners were wailing at us, and showed that the initial group of Corthians had effectively been doubled. And now they had another corvette with them.

Jimmy looked worried. "Whatta we do, Cap?" he said. Jimmy's great on the ground, but he don't do so when he's up in the air. Some footsoldiers never get used to the heights."

"Watch and wait," I said, looking at the map that was underlayed beneath the scan. "Where are they going?"

Sure enough, we watched as all eight airships changed bearing and slowly moved east. Nobody made a sound for a good five minutes, until they kicked in their cruising engines and were gone.

I exhaled slowly. Mer sniffed. Vincent looked unperturbed.

"Well," I said, standing up straight. "Ain't that a relief."

"Now what, Cap?" asked Mer, arms crossed over her chest again like she was about to scold me.

"First, I find Doc. Then we'll make for the rendezvous point, and we can get rid of whatever the hell it is we grabbed."

"Uh, Cap," Meredith said, looking at me closely, "we didn't grab anything."

I stared at her blankly for a few seconds. She held up a black bag.

"There's nothin' in here, Cap. Sack's empty." She most definitely did not look pleased.

All of a sudden a searing pain shot up from my hip. I gasped, and dropped to one knee.

"Cap?" Meredith asked, confused.

A horrifically familiar feeling of burning cold spread through me. I groaned and leaned forward on my right hand, left still clutching my side.

"Cap?" Meredith asked again, stooping towards me, concerned again. "Fuck it all. Jimmy, get Doc. We're gonna need him."

My teeth were chattering, and I could feel my whole body shaking.

"Stay with me, Cap," Meredith said. "Look at me. Just look at me."

"Shit," I said, and passed out again.

Read Parts 1 and 2
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Originally Posted by willy cheesesteak View Post

meet bows1 outside uniqlo


I'd love to visit NY sometime in my life, and I'd be happy to meet bows1 and unzip that jacket for him
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

I'd love to visit NY sometime in my life, and I'd be happy to meet bows1 and unzip that jacket for him

gettoasty's sexual predator mode: on.
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

I'd love to visit NY sometime in my life, and I'd be happy to meet bows1 and unzip that jacket for him

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