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Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post

I'm not sure I'm ready for inhocsignio and dp92 on the same day

Seriously, this is just the way I talk and write. You can take it as elaborate posturing, or you can just get used to it.
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MMM Hi look fucking terrible 95% of the time.
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burn him
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in fairness to oski, i suspect the angle of the photo may be throwing off the proportions a bit. nevertheless, i think different pants and shoes would be an improvement.

mmm hi's tend to make the wearer's feet look disproportionately small for some reason (the big padded tongue and necessitated sneaker tuck?). and i think they're giving oski more of a grungy look than the dashing-louche look i'd guess he's going for.

(i'm biased, though: i tend to dislike the flashy-sneakers-with-a-blazer thing, even if that is how mmm styles its models-- most of those fits would be improved with derbies or boots.)
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all MMM look fucking terrible 95% of the time.

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Cool stuff, raiden.

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some black shoes would better complement the minimal vibe of everything else, but you get bonus points for the hat
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wjk hat
incarnation leather
geller shirt
junhashimoto jeans
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oh no an aggressive leather with plaid
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You can't just say boots and leave me hanging. Those look super-cool!
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those jeans look great
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Thanks for the discussion and feedback.
Like Ghostface mentioned, the camera angle throws off the proportions.
Took a quick pic after a night out drinking and dancing (went to a bday event where Q-Tip was DJ'ing icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif)
Threw on the blazer after the UPS man dropped it off and headed out for the night. Synth was spot on about how sick this blazer is.
I'll be wearing it often now that the weather is warming up, I'll try out some looks with the suggestions above.
Warning: Q-Tip on the 1s & 2s (Click to show)

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Timothy Cox / Sruli Recht / Odeur / Devoa / Infamous Side Zips

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