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i thought plate appearance was a fat joke
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Originally Posted by notwithit View Post

Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren View Post

So I actually was wondering if people think the MMM side-zips work with the jacket & tie fit I posted this morning... if anyone wants to get around to discussing actual fits. I think it's stretching a little but that it works. You tell me.

Not you though, doublepenetration92

I liked them. Quick question for you, though: you wear relatively tapered trousers without all that much break to them. (That wasn't the question, or a question at all.) When you're wearing side-zips, do you run into any issues with your trouser hems settling over the boots when you sit down, stand up, cross and uncross your legs, &c? Do you just readjust them every time you stand up?


Thanks! (that wasn't the answer) Yeah, those pants have a slight break when worn with normal dress shoes but with the higher heel on the side-zips, it becomes a no-break situation. They do ride up when I sit down, to just about the top level of the boots. So yes, when I stand up, sometimes they get caught on the top of the boot. But after 1 or 2 steps they straighten back out. I don't have to do any manual adjustments.

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APK ichiro is so totes a reincarnated samurai. don't even deny it. musashi level. the bat just completes the transformation.
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Originally Posted by Diglet View Post

First fit so all criticisms are welcome shog[1].gif
Incredible cardigan, although I'm not sure it's great for your body type. The pants are so bad that it's hard to tell. You need some free-flowing trousers so you don't just look like a pile of rugs.
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Awesome, diglett
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Diglet, cardigan is awesome

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yeah, I like it. the pants, too.

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i'm not feelin the pants they're just too much and it's throwing everything off
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i like the fit overall, and i dont hate the pants, but when i look at the fit it makes me think this:

top half - im gonna look like a samurai master and rule over all with these awesome garments.

bottom - ah fuck it, ima grab some sweats and eat some chitos.
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I think I need to see you with two swords at the hip and wearing sandals. Otherwise I keep just seeing a huge pear confused.gif

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Going through this thread makes me realise how bad I dress :(
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Originally Posted by oldskl View Post

Going through this thread makes me realise how bad I dress frown.gif

No way dude, have some confidence. Look in the mirror and repeat the following:

"I dress for me, I dress to what I think constitutes a young successful, playful yet reserved and humble kind of guy."

"If you can't handle me when I'm cold, homeless and wearing a dirt rag, you sure as hell don't deserve me when I'm successful, wealthy and wrapped in the finest man made materials. You lot sure as hell don't deserve me."

"Dress like a Prada model without knowing eh? Typical me hehe."

"If you actually get to know me, you'll understand why I am a successful an why I hold power in my local community"

"I ooze class in person."

"I stink of money not cigarettes."

You'll feel better in no time.
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Americana lives on casual Fridays

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Orvis Sandanona cap / Levis Filson trucker jacket / Beams+ popover / JCrew (black) jeans / Oak street shoes
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diglett looks cool and there are enough good ideas in there showing that he's doing more with what he's got than a lot of you guys could do with much nicer gear sooooo

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