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why would you repost derks fit from sufu lol

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he posted his own fit on sf?
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I like thinking that DP92 is a real live person because it makes me feel awesome about myself in comparison
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Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post

dunno, i've found slouchier fits tend to benefit from the "camera adds 10 pounds" effect. plus i'm way more tolerant of slouchiness on other people than i am with myself when i look in the mirror. maybe you're the same way? either way, derk fits are sweet. wonder how they'd look IRL

i think build plays into that a lot. the look of 10 extra lbs on me for example, would really destroy the look, but derk being rather skinny, even if the slouchiness may add some perceived weight, he can afford it. also, i think that the whole extra pounds thing only applies to people who are rather big or are on the border of being big to begin with. skinny dudes always look skinny.
Originally Posted by ghostface View Post

caveat-- yeah, the pants are black. it seems to be a received nugget of styling wisdom that black and brown don't go well together, but i quite like black with brown (and black with blue, which also gets a bad rap). i think what's most important is that the tones and textures mix well.

nonsense. these colors are wonderful together. even on the other side of the wall the below fit was pretty well received. also, as to black and brown, my fave color combo on a watch is brown strap/black face. they are great colors together imo.

(i know its a douche move to use myself as an example, but whatevz...)

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

dont ask why im pushing down so hard on the pockets, i dont know myself.

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That's great dude. Living up to your screenname.
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LOL thought that was KOY impersonating Derk.

Sorry Derk but that shirt is too prissy for the rest of it. Would great with some of your other clothes I'm sure.
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This thread needs more pics today.

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This was my fit today. first post here. 


express jacket and shirt (forgive me please)

- after recent 15lb weight gain, no longer fit properly and are too tight, but don't have the money for alterations or new stuff at the moment 

louis vuitton damier graphite belt

American Eagle jeans (on sale for $20, my fat pair)

Johnston and Murphy Melton

Billingham hadley pro, camera bag, with camera inserts removed and used as my day bag, shoulder strap tucked inside. 

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nice edit player. shog[1].gif
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that hoodie needs to be burned, sorry man

edit: burn the moustache while you're at it
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Originally Posted by Cole View Post

that hoodie needs to be burned, sorry man

edit: burn the moustache while you're at it


I see no hoodie... shog[1].gif


Mustache will eventually get shaven off.  Was grown out for a two week event I just got back from earlier this week.

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First fit so all criticisms are welcome shog[1].gif.

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holy shit fuck yes where's your samurai sword at?
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I believe kenshin himura has been waiting for you....

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