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Originally Posted by DP92 View Post

Originally Posted by APK View Post

This is a GQ-ed version of that "You don't deserve me at my best" quote homely girls post on Facebook.

Actually, it's my version. But it's true.


This thread and the community within are wrapped up in their own little world, as soon as someone who does not conform to their mould come in and posts some good looking fits, yet slightly different to theirs, they attack like a pack of wolves.


Just know that whilst you're worrying about a mm of pulling in the left forearm of a shirt, them people you're mocking are out there enjoying life, enjoying their clothing and style and most of all being comfortable within themselves.


People treat me with the utmost respect in my social life, because quite frankly they know I could dress in absolutely any clothing I desire, but I CHOOSE to dress in what I do. That's the difference between you and me, I have a choice, you do not in fear of rejection from the community.


yes we is all just jealous of your drop-shoulder dress shirts and ragebro physique

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Originally Posted by Mr. Moo View Post

this shit got pretty serious when dog kicking was mentioned. many more problems than an angry dog at that point.

But of course the threat of animal cruelty against our pooches get's overlooked smile.gif

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if a miran account gets deleted and no one is around to hear it, does it's thumbs still appear?

edit - apparently they do stay...
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fuck this thread unsubscribing
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Ghost, are those pants black? I'm just wondering about the black pants brown shoes combo with these Guidis but what you're doing looks great. Of course the amazing brown coat helps.
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DP92, have you considered that perhaps your personality and body type simply do not match the style you're going for? You seem like an athletic guy. Instead of trying to squeeze into these too-small, pseudo-businesswear items, why don't you take a look at some stylish, relaxed clothes? I know, for example, that adidas makes some very comfortable tracksuits; perhaps those would be to your liking?
For example:

I see lots of gentlemen with similar personalities, and they appear to enjoy this type of clothing. Many of them also have dogs. Actually, you could take note of these stylish gentlemen and add a thick gold chain, just to "spice up" your look. It would probably go well with your skin tone.

Something like this gentleman is wearing:

I would also suggest accessorizing with something that fits your persona. Perhaps an empty Big Boy of Carlsberg? Alternatively, you could forego clothes entirely now that it's almost spring! I suggest going shirtless, especially since you have the physique to back it up.
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my god, that dp92 guy is so full of himself it hurts
Originally Posted by caseyfud View Post

was max_r onto something? Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


wow, that was quicker than expected
Originally Posted by caseyfud View Post

It's one of the best photoshops of me of all time.

i like how photoshoppig casey is now a forum pastime
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What he needs is a roommate to balance out his personality type.

And I found the perfect one (Click to show)
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Originally Posted by ghostface View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


antique boro scarf
cdgh+ boiled wool jacket
folk flecked cotton shirt
og helmut lang moleskin pants
guidi calf boots

when it got warmer (and blurrier): Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Fantastic fit. Similar to what I've been going for lately. Nice work with the colors too. 


This fit actually makes me contemplate getting Guidi 995's. Hmmm....

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i've found that the people who describe themselves as classy.... usually are!
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i wished he oozed self awareness instead
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Dude, you're spending your day refreshing a thread in a fashion internet forum every 5 seconds, to talk to foreign, class-less people about how much class you have and how cool your too tight, boring clothes are.

Rethink your life buddy
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Originally Posted by DP92 View Post

Don't mock me. I will not be mocked by you or anyone.

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Originally Posted by DP92 View Post

Don't mock me. I will not be mocked by you or anyone.


I have more class, more money and evidently more power than you will ever host in your life time. Do not start being clever with me sunshine. There is nothing about me that indicates I should be wrapped in a tracksuit and choked by a faux gold chain, I stink of money not cigarettes. You have a miss-conception of me, perhaps it is my young age and fresh face and a little wet behind the ears but I ooze class in person.

def troll level.  


i think the initial butthurt from his first fit was the biggest this forum has ever seen

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Guy is clearly trolling at this point. Whoever zapped Miran's latest account should so similar cleanup in this thread.
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