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Originally Posted by Lionheart Biker View Post

Is showing feces the new SF trend??

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Originally Posted by nahneun View Post

so an integral component to wearing things well in the sw&d realm is to have swag. the outfit itself is not mind blowing by any means. spacepope just exudes a shitload of swag and a sense of comfort in his clothing. men want to be him. women want to be with him.

he is old spice incarnate.

all hail spicepope.

exactly, this is why buying expensive shit or dressing in all margiela doesn't facilitate the swag drip
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You want swag? Bathe in this shit.


But on the real though, I feel like this:
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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hey, swag gets you hired at mcdonalds foo.gif

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tcwalter07 inspired me


Thanks guys. shog[1].gif Pics of the jacket will probably hit the contentedness thread soon. Shah was crazy to part with it


also my apartment gets shit lighting. Need to find a better spot...

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same with the lapelless... smh on that one. and i will forever hate myself for waking up late and missing out on the wool silk blend one i wanted T_T
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nahneun post some goddamn FITS


but yeah I anticipate a giant Contentedness Thread post in the near future. With a couple minor exceptions I'm really happy with my entire wardrobe


"feels good man" reedobandito (2012)

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honestly tho, how do you say/pronounce nahneun?


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Come to ny, have a beer with me, and forever engrave my fit in your brain. I think four people on sf know what I look like. Let's keep that number low.

And yes, it is pronounced exactly as it is spelled. Nah-neun.
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i've gradually put on more layers throughout the day

i'm now wearing

gitman gray button down (worn open)
phillip lim tank
rick drop crotch shorts
2xu compression tights
nike lunaracers

this is the most ridiculous outfit i've worn in a while, and i kinda like it

my friend was like dude what are you wearing, and i asked him what he thought of it

"very avant-garde"

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I can totally see that looking good
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