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Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post

Yo MOK, I feel a lot of your fits would be 40% better if you sized up one on your jackets. Some of them are kinda clingy confused.gif

I think losing a few pounds would be a better option shog[1].gifsmile.gif

I'm on the borderline between L/XL in a lot of stuff - this one fits perfectly in the shoulders and sleeves, and wasn't too bad in the chest when I bought it. The XL was definitely too big, but you're right it is a bit snug...
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MoK you can't lose weight. You're one of the few heavyset guys on here that can do fashion well. 

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MoK has every jacket known to man.

TW - great lookin fits, man.
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Damn, great fits -- I tried posting this on my other account but didn't work cause it's a new account ( mods please delete that post if it ever gets through) foo.gif


Thanks for looking
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Milano, good fit, but plz don't edit your photos like that.

And T, that's so fucking cool, I think it would be even cooler if you switched the footwear (docs with the first fit, slip-ons with the second)

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feeling fuuma-esque today so i wore a hat lol

alts Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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slster, don't have money for camera or lightroom so my friend had to edit it -- no choice hahaha, will keep that in mind for next time satisfied.gif

also ihateyousnow, too good
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Haha, it's no big deal man, I guess it can look nice in certain pictures but it's just making the outfit harder to see by taking out contrast, looks like someone's just covered the image in tracing paper.

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Originally Posted by RegisDB9 View Post

The only problem I saw with NYIslanders fit is that apparently he is a Mets fan nod[1].gif

Go Braves

The only problem with Regis' post is that apparently he is a Braves fan nod[1].gif


Go Astros

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Nothing too interesting clothing-wise; my friend had a photo project and found a very cool abandoned structure, so this is one of the rare times I get photographed with an actual camera at a nice location.

MMM Warning: lifestyle and back-story (Click to show)

None of the pics are edited yet. We originally came to the building because the outside looked great with the dilapidated "HOPE," but when we peered through a broken window and saw how cool the inside was, we knew we had to get in there. We had to climb through two cut fences and some bushes to get inside. The space was so open and still. The shopping cart was just sitting there when we walked in, as well as some really excellent graffiti and interesting broken tiling. It was a gorgeous windy day, and every time the wind blew the metal rafters would creak and moan. Afterwards, I went and played pick-up basketball and grabbed hella boards. Margielas are decent hoops shoes.
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brain failing to process the reality of tcwalter
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I figure the fourth wall fell last time, so at this point I'm not trying to preserve any mystery.
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What's in that bag tcwalter foo.gif
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shadow community

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This just reopened the old no thumb comments wound
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