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Originally Posted by brad-t View Post

hard to believe that's a $400 shirt, and not just because of the way he's wearing it. wow

My statement was quite dickish... but I couldn't help myself... lol

but yeah they retail for about 400 bones.

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I would never pay $400 for a wrinkled linen Finamore, or any other high end brand. A nice dress shirt, with a specific kind of collar, etc. sure. But not a wrinkly linen skeet blanket.
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Cap: Supreme
Leather (w. fox fur collar): Rick Owens
Gloves: Margiela
Hoodie: American Apparel
Longsleeve tee: Margiela
Shortsleeves: ? (removed tag)
Flannel: Epaulet
Waxed cords: April77
Dunks: Rick Owens
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I'm so confused by that fit

The jacket gives you a pooch
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Like a designer streetwear man of the night's watch
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I do like the well used LV luggage. I think the outfit would be better without the Finamore shirt around your waist.
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fummas gone crazy
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i like this fuuma. I also like the luggage.
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Tirailleur1 I actually traded a PRL denim shirt for that Finamore to a friend from Milan (he took a real liking for it), so it costed me nothing.

It's not like any other Neapolitan shirts I have (Barba, Salvatore Piccolo) which I only wear with suits. the fabric has that wrinkled effect, and its much shorter than a dress shirt so I thought I would wear it open like that. In retrospect I shoulda worn it with a plain scoop neck or folk or something
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I'm on the right.

OL 70s wash
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are you one of the dudes from southland?
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I don't know this reference, but yes.
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how can you not watch that show? its amazing and its about your hood.
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Moo, have you and your peeps been drinkin' Captain Morgan?
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Moo's regressing
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