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Proportions are fucked but whatever






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simple but that's what i like. also brb broke af

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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

Derk is best new comer in a while


9 posts and 55+ thumbs. Killing it. 


I'm 400 strong and still tripping over myself lol.




New blazer.







photo 3B158285-6383-4748-A105-CEF981D34167-14762-000009987B4CA048_zps92885a6a.jpg

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First post! smile.gif

Vintage Jacket/Tie Dye by my Grandma/No Brand Chinos/thrifted Florsheim.
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Please unbutton that top button.

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Cool man, I'll post pictures with the top button undone sometime tomorrow. The shirt's collar is a bit scruffy, so I thought it was a good way of covering that up, while creating an interesting silhouette? Not really working? May I ask why buttoning the top button is a no go? :/

Any other criticism to add? I'm not looking for compliments, I'm here to learn smile.gif
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@dangerrabbit: The top button looks gimmicky. I'm not sure if the shoes and the pinroll are both out of place, or if it's just the shoes; I would definitely change the shoes though. I do like the look overall! I'd like to see that shirt and jacket with a pair of cool grey/stone chinos.

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Ah, it does look gimmicky, now that you mention it.

Definitely get what you mean by the shoes and the pinroll, any suggestions for what to swap the shoes with?

Cool grey/stone chinos would work well. Thanks for the feedback man!
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Originally Posted by TB82 View Post




nice jackets!
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I meant to thumbs up fishbones. Yeah that top button is bad.
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ugh phone interview for dream job in 1 minute fuck me dying here
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wearing cp highs, master coat sweats and a collina wool shirt too!
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I'm getting ready to leave the house to go to an interview myself Teger, good luck
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