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1. i wonder if random members are taking turns creating accounts and writing in the style of miran. i should give it a try.

2. i love how spacepope is re-visiting synth's drapey days while synth's own style is at its most sober
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Miran could learn a thing or two from teenagelightning or whatever the dude's handle is. Edit the duds, post the gold. The lulz will follow.

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Ahhh classic grains. Ancient grains. Simple wheat and hearty bran for a timeless meal. Add a pop of color with cool rye. Eat spelt this morning just like your father did out in the forest. He's still there in the forest. Every man needs a wardrobe full of quinoa. Every man is buried in the forest. Mmmm boring barley. Do you remember before the war? We had barley in the fields. Dress it up or down with seven hundred pounds of barley. Out in the fields behind the house. A secret in the barley. Was I dreaming then? Keep your cool this summer with breezy sorghum. Am I awake now? You are not to venture past the corn. Stay cozy this winter sifting through effortless millet in the granary by torchlight. Every winter. There is only winter.
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Spacepope's soulmate

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every mans soul mate biggrin.gif
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I have the weirdest boner right now.

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Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post

dig. what are the pants?

Originally Posted by kindofyoung View Post


yep drkshdw cargos
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Solid tie or flecked would have been better in retrospect, oh well!
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The pants are great, but don't wear them like that. plz.

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would be way cooler without the tie, pants look great
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no tie, no belt, por favor
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Sorry guys i agree but had to wear a tie today
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bene get better boots pleeeease those things look like flat tires.

for Gbear:
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silent / nm / drkshdw grosgrain / jun

i need some non-black footwear
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what about your white gats?
hair looks dope

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Art, hair looks better like that than slicked back.

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