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Still a bit too chilly for this.
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Really not feeling the jean tuck and t-shirt peeping out at the bottom, think it would look much cleaner without them.
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jacket looks a little small, shirt a little short, and jeans tuck looks weird
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Opposite problem here, it's not quite cold enough for this.





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I agree on the jacket, but no way is the shirt too short. Was going for the long tee underneath a'la derk with the t-shirt.
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The Quest for Snow....
...not up here...
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....not down here...
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

....f'ck it. I give up.
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

Thanks! Really like them and happy how they turned out.

awesome. forgive my failing memory, what did you go with in the end?
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Random- Pants fit great and are great with those boots.

wizzeak- Which geller is that?

jabon- Maybe a darker shirt would add some contrast to the tee underneath look. As is, I agree the tee is just serving to make the shirt look too short. The fact is that looks like your skin might be showing between the side hem of your buttoned shirt and your jeans if you didn't have the tee there. Maybe that's an optical illusion, but that's the way it looks from here.
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Optical illusion. Shirt covers my belt.
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dedicated to g trans

when i got dressed this morning i asked myself, 'how can i dress as j. crew lookbook as possible?'

aspesi jacket
geller dipdye
mcnairy chukkas
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that's in the ballpark.
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need sexxxier hair to be in the lookbook.
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im just happy to have hair at all
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truth. i wish i could say the same. frown.gif
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Jacket should be a bright color and cuffs should be higher so when you walk we can see your Corgi socks. Might be good if you just have pocket squares coming out of every pocket as well
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