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I appreciate the who's personal take on the DR silhouette in that pic.

Also I think casey can wear his just fine
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I think casey's fit is cool, even if it could be improved. He's rocking the jacket.
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casey, that jacket fits perfect.

lol @ not pulling it off, looks fine on him, and he's wearing tshirt/jeans/sneakers, same as 90% of other toj fits.

I still think everyone with a toj jacket should break off that bottom zip though.
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Awful angle and my mirror is tiny. So I do apologize - but this is my first time posting haha.

BBBF Navy Flannel DB
BB Gingham ES shirt
Epaulet Donegal Walt trousers
Alden 9751, black shell LWB
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Originally Posted by thewho13 View Post

Triple-post ftw. Thanks px4.

Haha. forget you and your near hat trick. DEVILS WOOHOO (blackhawks or bruins fan? i forget)
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Great post APK.


While there are some exceptions, they are people who have their own style and do it really well (MoK and Parker come to mind). I am thankful these posters continue to post up fits that don't align with the typical, but they really aren't here for suggestions and aren't likely to be swayed by group-think (nobody tells MoK or Parker their pants too loose-fitting)... they are here sharing their style, which is just as valuable if not moreso.


People who aren't as solid with their style and are here looking to improve their look or find their own style seem to be pushed in very similar directions and to many of the same brands. It's to be expected, as this is something that is based on subjectivity rather than objectivity so there is a group consensus that forms on what looks right. Sometimes I agree with the group consensus but many times I do not. I do not think enough leeway is given for people to wear different things and create their own person style without being pushed in a direction that aligns with "SF-approved" styles and brands.


In any case, I do find the fits posted and suggestions for improvement very valuable, but the advise given needs to be put in proper context and is not the last word on what looks right and what works IRL. The way I look drastically changes how I am perceived by other people and this feedback is just as valuable if not moreso than advise given here... and this kind of perception is likely to be very different depending on where the person lives which reinforces that a certain look that works well for someone living in Paris might not work for someone living in Denver.

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Never mind the HMMM side zips, Casey should just wear it with those Dr. Marten's that are sitting right beside him and it'd be great.

In other news, rando lurker mirror fit pic:

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Originally Posted by pickpackpockpuck View Post

Haha. forget you and your near hat trick. DEVILS WOOHOO (blackhawks or bruins fan? i forget)

It's been a goooood year for the Hawks.

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Originally Posted by hendrix View Post

the more important thing is the fact that it will often cut them off in the prime of their working life. Massive, massive loss of taxation income.

Originally Posted by Teger View Post

the studies show that even taking these figures into account its still cheaper

Originally Posted by KingJulien View Post


"Health care costs for smokers at a given age are as much as 40 percent higher than those for nonsmokers, but in a population in which no one smoked the costs would be 7 percent higher among men and 4 percent higher among women than the costs in the current mixed population of smokers and nonsmokers."

Nope, read my post again.

The real cost is to the economy. It cuts people off in the prime of their working (and hence taxpaying) life.
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How does casey not look good in that jacket? It looks fine. The shoes dont work tho
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Also, Casey looks great.
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Leave Britney Casey alooooooone!
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Ladyfriend has the decent camera.






Worn out police boots

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I think caseys fit is good, just gave a few suggestions that I thought would make it better.

I am not part of the haterz
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It's sort of fascinating which fits we deem worthy of lengthy discussion and which are ignored without comment. Casey's fit was perfectly fine in a general sense and frankly kind of boring, but there have been pages written about it. ElisiX's fits cause a similar phenomenon--pretty nondescript, but never fail to generate pages of posts

On that note, can we get back to talking about how fucking awesome my fit was? That was a fun discussion wink.gif
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