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Def. too small. Cardis aren't supposed to look like that when you unbutton the bottom.
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stitch, your daughter is adorable. cheers.gif
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+1 smile.gif

thanks, guys. i agree. we love her dearly.
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yeah i have to join Team Too Small.

I'd bet if you buttoned the bottom button it would pull like maad

edit: on the other hand: low angle, distorted proportions, etc.
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Trying out a graphic tee. Let me know what y'all think. Old tee that I uncovered from clearing out and listing a bunch of things on ebay.

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That ervell cardigan's colour is soooo nice in real life. I could probably afford to size up on mine too, but it's not desperately small.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. It does pull quite a bit if I snap the bottom, but I'll probably keep it and wear it open as I bought mostly from summer anyway. First Ervell piece ever for me so I had to start somewhere. For reference, I'm 6'4" and and the cardi is a Large, if I ever come across an XL i'll definitely pick it up.
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^also, are those the "classic" fit NDG jeans? Been trying to find a pair of light gray jeans for a long time now
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I believe they are the slim fit version. They have a ~7.5" hem.
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Dear rapefruit,


please change your avatar to the picture shown here:


that is all

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Levis 511
Jcrew shirt
h&m jacket
jdfisk shoes

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i don't think the ervell cardigan is too small, but a pair of cropped trousers would have made the fit more balanced.
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Earnest Sewn


4 Stroke


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Well that fit was not quite as bad as I expected from the brand list. Lose the undershirt though, and I don't like those shoes with those jeans.
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first post, y'all.



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you should either hem your jeans or let them stack, the single cuff is not a good look 99% of the time
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