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wow. did this thread go downhill fast 

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Fuck that fuuma fit is so good
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@mikey: BIRK SQUAD. Like the fit too!

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Originally Posted by spacepope View Post


damn spacepope you cool

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Fuuma, that looks really good.

Am I the only person who thought PF's fit was fine? I mean, the shoes were not, but if you traded them with some rick sneakers I think it would look really cool - comfortable, like glam gym-wear. Sweater length is a bit off-putting (shorter straight hem over dick flap), but that could just be the photo.
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Originally Posted by Lane View Post

the neg rep shit is dumb, I got neg rep bombed once by some redneck dudes, and then I got pos bombed by people who liked my fit on other sites, its exactly why I quit sufu cuz its so fail it has too many plebe retards whos knowledge doesnt go past supreme (that's not to say that is the general populace but it has a lot of em). Whole system revolves around popularity contests and shit, I don't even know how I have such a high ass rep honestly...



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Fuuma's fit looks so good because the leather, shoes, and probably those jeans have obviously been worn well

Too many fits with crispy looking clothes

There dude with the ToJ and the CPs a couple pages back was technically alright but not nearly the swagger. Wear your clothes!!
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Originally Posted by nicelynice View Post

Fuuma's fit looks so good because the leather and shoes have obviously been worn well

Too many fits with crispy looking clothes

There fit with the ToJ and the CPs a couple pages back was technically alright but not nearly the swagger. Wear your clothes!!

and because nothing is too goddamn small
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Probably going to cop a lot of shit for this but seeing as you guys will give it to me straight - here goes. Cross post from the 'Post a question' thread.




I'm looking for feedback please. Anyone who has noticed my presence in the WAYWT thread will know i've been told a million times to tailor my shirts. So I recently set out to do this for 2 of my cheaper shirts initially which I intend on wearing un-tucked. Background for those that are not familiar. I generally buy L size shirts to accommodate my chest/shoulders but would ideally wear an M for length in both shirt body and sleeves. Other than J.Crew/Gitman where I can wear an M, all others don't allow me to move my arms comfortably. I'm about 5'8/9 and 80KG/175lbs.
This first shot is what I wore today as a comparison showing a shirt which has not been tailored. Same black Acne denim/Grenson shoes in all shots.

photo 7CC8D081-D991-4893-8FFB-781CA231D6C8-7139-00000440EB445E81_zps3589581b.jpg
This shirt is from Industrie and I had the sleeves and shirt shortened. No darts. Shirt cuff was taken as far as it could to allow the upper wrist button to be done up. This is a semi-fitted / slim shirt to begin with so I am happy with this. Looks very BOO in shape.

photo 62132523-511D-4E65-8CAF-C7F97E3FE166-7139-00000440ED2587A6_zps466bb0c5.jpg

This shirt is from APC and I had the sleeves and shirt shortened. WITH darts. Shirt cuff was fine so no issues there. Sleeves feel great. The issue is however that the shirt is a regular fit and therefore IMO looks a little silly shortened. Perhaps it can be salvaged by darting a little more aggressively or actually slimming the shirt down the sides. I should have bought an M and shortened the shirt a little less than this was done.

photo 8213DBD7-9304-444D-B54A-1DCD82129103-7139-00000440E671A22C_zpsd202360f.jpg

Overall I am not really happy with the results. I think the tailor I went to is fine to do cuffs of pants, but struggles with the shapes of shirt bottoms. A more experienced tailor would probably have realised that the base of the shirts will 'float' and flop about without being tapered a little at the base sides. 
The white Industrie is fine IMO, but the APC will need this I think to be saved. It can also be easily tucked still (I checked). I'm wondering if I should be taking my 'untucked' shirts up quite this much? Thoughts?
Appreciate that so many have said to shorten my shirts, but it looks like I'd need then to be quite slim to do this. Anything that is boxy/billowy or fuller in the chest/body needs a little more length to balance out. Not sure.

I think I just need to slim down a little and try get my ass into some more M shirts. Also, it's honestly a case of finding what suits / fits best. I can't expect everything I buy online to fit right off the bat. Gitman, Kitsune and a few others fit me quite well 'out of the box'. Other than in the sleeves which are easily fixed. Playing with the shirt length, taper and so on is troublesome. Lesson learned on these two. 2 tucking shirts now lol. Can probably get away with the white OCBD as an untucked shirt with a little darting but the APC is gone I think.


Now to find someone who has a little more experience with shortening shirts. I still have quite a few i'd like to get done - though not quite as short. Need the length it seems to stop me looking so square. However they still need to be short enough to not look too long/touch down to my crotch.

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All of them look too big in the shoulder and too long in the sleeve. The torso length in the bottom two looks fine to me - and better than in #1 - but if #3 feels too short in the body, it probably is. Considering that they look too big everywhere, why not just buy a size smaller? Also, maybe it's time to try some different brands. Marc x Marc Jacobs comes to mind as a cheap alternative.
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Warmed up to about 7 degrees so I'm swaggerjacking Fuuma, needs a longer knit though

Actually didn't wear these shoes out either, put on boots because there's still 150cm of snow on the ground


Rick Owens
Club Monaco (I think, no tags) knit
Uni-qlo oxford

Bonus shot of the crazy snowfall last weekend


Heattech Hat
Patagonia down
Visvim pants
LL bean boots
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fuck, i need/want a leather jacket so badly.
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Baseball cap, rick leather, knit, black jeans and gats is pretty much my go to for a lazy weekend fit.

My hat is waayy dirtier than yours tho
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Eli, if you can't tell how your shirts fit properly yourself, I don't know what to tell you. Learn to stop caring about how things fit and just be comfortable with what you have (wait I think that's yohji thread title).
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