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Originally Posted by rjbman View Post

I'm new here and I don't claim to know all that much, but doesn't the sleeve roll here make your arms look stubby? Agree with the undershirt though, that's something middle-schoolers do.


Guys with short arms should not do the sleeve roll to the forearm. 

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notwithit, that Barena looks good. It fits well also, a lot better than some of your other blazer fits which I think tend to be a bit too tight.
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Excellent, NWI. You found the winner. You can stop now!
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superb fit, nwi, really great color combo too.
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Originally Posted by e0d9n0b5 View Post

i was serious tho

and if hes butthurt its prob bc a dozen other ppl agreed with me (and only 2 with him frown.gif)

The fact that you counted the number of thumbs/reps that our respective posts got and use it to validate anything makes you a rather sad human being, but in reality I actually agree with this:
Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

I don't understand the Sufu/sf hate. They're fundamentally different concepts, and there's no reason why there needs to be so much animosity between the two. Fwiw, most of this seems to be coming from Sufu people who act superior to styleforum. There are good and bad posters on both.
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What's the trending look on SuFu compared to the SF 'Black jacket, white shirt, dark tight jeans/pants, KVA/Lanvin/Margiela/etc sneakers' look?

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Anything + flyknits. Also occasionally be a girl.
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SuFu is pretty different. You get more extreme ends of the spectrum I think... more super drapey motherfuckers, more super high end designers, more super denim fetishists. SF breeds more middle ground type posters.
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I haven't been to sufu in ages. Ever since the mod (the pensive looking, late-30 year old guy, whatever his name is) started banning everyone and the site redesign.
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yo notwithit you look cool as hell man, good stuff

like the jacket a lot...if i saw you in the street i'd stop you and tell you what's up haha
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Details (Click to show)

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Elisix's older brother!? happy.gif
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Originally Posted by Dbear View Post

Originally Posted by Leather View Post


Guys with short arms should not do the sleeve roll to the forearm. 


Got it. Having looked at my fit pic and seeing the feedback, I completely agree.


I had not realized it myself until it was mentioned. Above, not below the elbow. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif


Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

Elisix, here's a thought: You seem to approach "layering" as something that will intrinsically make you more stylish. During an Australian summer, all that a tee under your button down is going to accomplish is making you hotter - it doesn't add visual interest all by itself, and a crew neck like that tends to do nothing more than make the wearer look sloppy. In addition, plaids (at least, those that you have been choosing) are a pretty traditional "fall" pattern - not a problem as such, but combined with your usual choice of autumnally-colored chinos (and shoes, come to think of it), you end up looking pretty seasonably inappropriate. Again, this doesn't particularly matter, but if you're looking to add interest to your biz-cas wardrobe, simply altering the colors (or the lengths) of your garments and putting on an extra shirt isn't going to change anything.

I would suggest that you look to posters like RegisDB9, FlyingLotus, Hendrix, and conceptual_forest (just to name a random few) for some varying ideas on material and silhouette choice. Why not try, for example, light blue linen trousers, canvas oxfords, and a silk-blend shirt? I'd also stop cuffing the chinos - either let them stack, because they're slim enough (and I'd give this a shot first), or hem them. The awkward cuff that sits on top of your shoes doesn't look good. Finally, I'd also suggest exploring other blazer options. The few that you've posted have all had relatively high buttoning stances (this could be camera angle; it's hard to tell), and it doesn't do your stocky upper half any favors (no hate, I avoid them). Maybe try something lower. Margiela is the very obvious example, but I'm sure there are more, and if you're not tall they might overwhelm you.


Thanks Synth. I have a lot of respect for you (great tone and manner) and your fits (they just look great), so I appreciate you taking the time to write the above. Honestly, it's not that I see layering exactly as you describe, but I do see it as a tool which allows one to add texture and detail to a fit. Clearly, I may not be executing it correctly (crew neck t) however that is my thought process when chucking on the T. I personally don't feel that it made me look sloppy, but I agree that it did not add anything to the fit (other than additional warmth).


With regard to the seasonal colors and patterns I wear, I can only say that it is because Sydney experiences Summer for most of the year. While it does get colder and wetter in some months, it's not uncommon to still have 30+ degree days in the middle of these periods. Add to this the fact that I enjoy wearing color and am still in the process of experimenting and learning. Most people on the forum post fits from various seasons of the year, however I will almost always be posting as if it were the warmer months for the USA/Europe - and this will subsequently look seasonally inappropriate. Still, I appreciate your thoughts on my choices there.

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Originally Posted by Nil View Post

I haven't been to sufu in ages. Ever since the mod (the pensive looking, late-30 year old guy, whatever his name is) started banning everyone and the site redesign.

there was a post later explaining the bannings. apparently it wasnt haploid but ddml (?) denim destoyred my life or summit.

man i don't go to sufu often enough

wild bill tho is awesome. posts all the favorite designer shows
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haptronic, dude. Haploid is some guy from the sufu days of olde who has owned like, every piece from every raf collection ever

Edit Yeah it was totally hapsical.
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