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^ I know that I'm fine with calling that a good thing.
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Like the boots mello, what sweater is that? looks great
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Bam! - its really hard to judge your fits because your hair is freaking awesome and that is distracting.

melon - win.
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another vote of confidence for mello's sweater. love it
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Melon - love the jacket and sweater. sick fit.

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i have the sweater, its great, just be gentle with it, its really fragile,
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cool tee, also, mr. mello.

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Finally, someone made an account just to talk shit to me, I've been waiting for this day for so long!
Aw it's gone. At least I know I've had my day

Sweater is Geller's reversed fairisle from fw10


Someday I will catch up on my old Italian films
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is that the geller bomber?
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Hmmm, never posted in a WAYWT thread before, but it was really nice out today and I finally got to wear an outfit I've had in my mind all winter.

This was all thrifted btw

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Thanks for the feedback yalls!

Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

is that the geller bomber?

It's this one (or something similar). I just had to do a search for it after Melo posted his fit
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Bam! vs. Synth in awesome hair battle

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Thanks for the input on the jacket indesertum and transistor. Definitely right about the sleeves. I'll get it in a fit within the next few days and upload it to see how it looks.

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LIFESTYLEZ; monochromacity; Yeah, who wants to buy plants from me

dana lee
4 year old levi's cords
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