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benes, that's your best in decades
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thanks. just sticking to a slimmer profile and working on that.

Because Im not as creative as some members here to do all out experimental unique proportions and because im pragmatically constrained.
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That was lame of SVB. And lol at fud trying to be all u mad bro after copping a schneider and some jeans that fit.
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Originally Posted by elisiX View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
While you may not mean to, I think that your posts tend to be extremely OTT and emotional. I can see why some feel that your posts are trolling - even if you are not intending to.

The reality is from my perspective, that while you do raise some valid points, some which i've raised myself regarding attitudes and so on, trying to argue with the members in this thread or showing your feelings is only going to bring you more grief. I too dislike the harsh and rude people, but there is also a significant amount of truth to what they say most of the time. Even if I don't always 'get it'.

All you can do, well I should say all I am trying to do, is read, learn and hopefully implement. It takes longer than some here would like, and I show fits more often than most others, but in time I trust that the pieces will fall into place. I've also got a lot of respect for SVB, Synth and the other guys who dress similarly to what I see for myself - but I think you need to roll with the punches a little more.

Looks great. Nice to see the CR chinos. I had not considered them in the past but I will take a closer look.

I actually tried to achieve something similar on the weekend - though no where near as successful. 

Am still waiting to get through hemming all of my denim/chinos so these are still cuffed for now. Anyway, great fit.

photo CF178DEE-1BF0-48D2-814E-493584B1F8D0-2982-000001A788648430_zps8ff9c19f.jpg


Originally Posted by Totakeke View Post

elisiX you need to change your stance in the photos. Stop puffing up your chest or whatever it is you're doing.

This. There were just some posts about taking WAYWTs with your natural posture. Here it looks like you're sucking in your gut (not saying you have a gut, just that you're drawing in your abdominal muscles or whatever), throwing back your shoulders, and puffing out your chest. It seems to be the standard in your WAYWTs, and it makes everything look more awkward and unnatural than it would if you just stood normally.

The clothes you're wearing here are fine, but I'd recommend stepping outside, setting the camera a few feet farther back, and relaxing your pose. If it helps, try walking toward the camera or something. It's easy to get all stiff if you're just standing there, and introducing some kind of movement can make you look a little less stuffy.
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Originally Posted by Benesyed View Post

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It will cone out small. My apologies. I don't know how to adjust size on the mobile site

very nice.

if you want mobile pics to appear full size, use tapatalk, not mobile site. its one of the few advantages of tapatalk, and if you post pics a lot, which you do, its probably worth buying it, imo.
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benes AY is better than benes DY*
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AY = After Yohji; DY = During Yohji
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the coat is yohji
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Originally Posted by newp View Post

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Hard to see anything because you're standing in front of a window. Find a place where the light is shining from behind the camera instead of towards it.
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sorry my photo was so big, posted it from my iphone.
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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

sorry my photo was so big, posted it from my iphone.

cool trick amirite? eek.gif
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Cross post w/ KKA thread.




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didn't know posting a PM from an obvious troll would be such a controversial move shog[1].giffoo.gif

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Originally Posted by noob View Post

j/k bro's...

I can't even tell anymore. Is that miran? If so, we may have belonged to the same fraternity.

in hoc signo vinces fight[1].gif

Maybe he's just religious or trolling about religion, I dunno shit about fraternities though so....
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