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Lol you're mad and sad but best thing to do is stop posting. 

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A PM is a PM, though.
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Originally Posted by CDHagg View Post


Liam... is this actually you?  You grew a beard?  This looks nothing like you.

yeah, minor changes in facial hair tend to make me look like completely different people. I tend to meet people a few times, its actually kinda fun.

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Originally Posted by InHocSignio View Post

Ouch, that is honestly the most hurtful thing that anyone's ever done to me online. I never thought "Internet stuff" would affect me -- insults don't really -- but truly for like an hour or two after I read this comment I was very sad. Now I'm mostly tired, but yeah, this was definitely unexpected.

I suppose SVB might have little reason to suspect it, but his style and one other person's actually inspired lots of my recent clothing purchases. Pics from his Tumblr come up alot when you search #SNSHerning there, and I actually copped my Stark because I saw a "normal looking person" could wear it. Tons of fit pics in different colors, and I just loved the versatility of how he wore it. I also just bought my first piece from Epaulet, mint green rivet chinos, because and another poster with a Tumlbr I respected seem to buy alot from there. Both seemed to dress well without their clothes overwhelming their personalities, and I liked that I might still look even better than I had while remaining myself. I was even feeling particularly warm toward this poster because of this inspiring story about his style transformation, hoping I might eventually achieve the same transition; that's why I was concerned to see that he agreed I was "trolling", and why I wanted to understand things with a PM.

Now I wonder how that guy and this guy are the same person. The joke is definitely on my dumb ass.

Dude, I gave you the option to say "fuck off, I don't know you." I could understand that; no one needs groupies, and maybe there are legitimate reasons not to engage a potential troll. But to repost a long personal message asking for genuine advice in full? To dress the part of a gentleman and not play it? Yeah, trust me, I'm not skilled enough to be on that superduper next level troll shit to calculate that SVB would refan this petty drama for all to see, when I genuinely tried to bow out.

Ignoring the opinions of people like caseyfud, a moral midget whose opinion I could give two shits about, I'm getting the impression CDHagg, Tiralleur, and a few others think that to finally get to that next level one has to become to an asshole. That's what this means, right: "My gut tells me he's legit. I used to have the same mindset/attitude, and I wasn't trolling."? Ah, as soon I've "made it", I'll stop being so damn pretentious and start punking noobs with the vigor of the truly enlightened. Why? All my original point, after being flamed, was I don't get why the few obnoxious posters in this thread have to ruin how others get their advice.

But there is a silver lining to all this. SVB has driven away the troll! There are only a few others who could have done it; you've found the fucking magic beans, you piece of shit. What's up is down and what's down is up and I can't tell if I'm being driven by people looking for "value" by investing in quality "pieces", or being driven down the river toward the heart of darkness by petty, truly nasty pieces of work.


While you may not mean to, I think that your posts tend to be extremely OTT and emotional. I can see why some feel that your posts are trolling - even if you are not intending to.


The reality is from my perspective, that while you do raise some valid points, some which i've raised myself regarding attitudes and so on, trying to argue with the members in this thread or showing your feelings is only going to bring you more grief. I too dislike the harsh and rude people, but there is also a significant amount of truth to what they say most of the time. Even if I don't always 'get it'.


All you can do, well I should say all I am trying to do, is read, learn and hopefully implement. It takes longer than some here would like, and I show fits more often than most others, but in time I trust that the pieces will fall into place. I've also got a lot of respect for SVB, Synth and the other guys who dress similarly to what I see for myself - but I think you need to roll with the punches a little more.


Originally Posted by randomn1c View Post



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Cheap shirt

Country Road
Country Road
Backpack is locally made by guys called Chapel. (



Looks great. Nice to see the CR chinos. I had not considered them in the past but I will take a closer look.


I actually tried to achieve something similar on the weekend - though no where near as successful. 


Am still waiting to get through hemming all of my denim/chinos so these are still cuffed for now. Anyway, great fit.

photo CF178DEE-1BF0-48D2-814E-493584B1F8D0-2982-000001A788648430_zps8ff9c19f.jpg

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Moo - what's the jacket in your last fit?

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Thanks elisiX, when I realised the pants were CR I thought of you. I don't think there's too many other Southern Hemisphere folk around.

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Hendrix is one.

Most are in the Aussie MC forum.
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elisiX you need to change your stance in the photos. Stop puffing up your chest or whatever it is you're doing.
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Trying to channel my inner synthese or something. Really want some cool sand suede boots to go with fits like this. Like some f+b 745s.

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You're in luck if you're a size 7 or size 11/12 (lol could you imagine)
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nice mikey!

@elisix, cuff and weird stance are really ruining the fit. Would look better with jeans with some interesting fading.
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Originally Posted by Benesyed View Post

Would look better with jeans with some interesting fading.

is this your way of telling elisix to come back in six months? laugh.gif
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