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Originally Posted by hendrix View Post

This is one of the most arrogant yet petty things I've ever read. If you think there is something wrong with WAYWT, how can this possibly be the way to change it?

How can you come into a thread and think that posters should change their tastes and preferences just because it doesn't suit you?

Hendrix, I seriously respect you, as a poster and style critic. I am really not trying to pick a fight here, and sincerely apologize If it comes off that way.

Look: I asked I an earnest question. Apparently it was a stupid or newb question; I can understand that. Brad added a pointless flame; I responded. It ends there; I don't want to have a hand in keeping alive or engendering exactly what I dislike about this thread! Please contact me through PM if you have any further advice/criticism/comments; I would definitely listen from you.
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Originally Posted by Urthwhyte View Post

Don't feed the trolls. Just ignore them and move on until they get bored or say something outrageously over the top in a bid for attention.

Fuuma's critique was wicked great though, so we got at least one good thing out of this week's episode of WAYWT Off the Tracks

Oh I have said everything I needed to and did ad whateverhisname on ignore. Honestly it's a shame wherever I see Americans get pissed when their foreign affair positions and media coverage gets criticized for being lacking (yes, lacking compared to other western nations with much smaller influence and ability to project power), if I was American I'd be the first to be pissed and concerned about it. Of course most people don't really remember much beside recent history (say Dubya and after) so they think it was some sort of personality problem/post 9-11 error. You should look at the Iran revolution and hostage crisis or something to see it's a pattern. Ah well, wrong thread.
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plain.gif (in reference to the last page or so)

PS: I'm a red-blooded American, born and raised, and I can see what Fuuma was getting at. Just because you too are an American doesn't mean he is saying all of us are like that... merely that the majority of people who do act like that are indeed Americans. Jumping down his throat about the comment merely proves him more correct, which isn't to say that he wasn't correct in the first place.
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Pretty sure it's the posters that were offended by Fuuma's post that should get over themselves, can you guys not take a joke?
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SS/H&M/Levis/Dr. Martens

Snowed 13" on Thursday and about half of it is still left, hence the boots.
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Get a sharpie and black out the DM's stitching

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^^^^^ don't do that

bows imo the NN shit doesn't work like that but they're cool pieces for sure.
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I wore all-black in the nineties. My pony tail years. smile.gif
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Casey is always so srs
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Originally Posted by insomniac341 View Post

Casey is always so srs

the road to thumbs is paved with crushed souls
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Did you guys seriously not chuckle at fuuma's post?

Fuuma, don't worry - once we re-embrace, uh, the fact that ronald reagan was the greatest president and manliest man that ever was, we will be back on track with the economy and the gays!

Bows, count me among the hat-dislikers.

Also, I want a SW+D version of Cosmo's "Who wore it better"
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people who can't laugh about their own nations/culture are the worst
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There are only two things I can't stand: People who can't tolerate other people's cultures, and the Dutch.
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I got the joke but all his posts come off as egotistical.
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