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SirGrotius, those jeans are looking a little too tight sorry man
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Please like the blog on facebook if you like the outfit.



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Sorry about perspective distorting angle and phone in pocket


Stuff (Click to show)
Inverallan knit
Sunspel tee
PT 01 flannel
Junya boots
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Originally Posted by artishard116 View Post

thanks dude. it's an acquired taste but I like it. more pics here for anyone interested.

What do you use in your hair? You don't find it bad for it using product to such a high extent every day? also do you shape up your beard/sideburns yourself or get it done somewhere?
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Originally Posted by SirGrotius View Post

What would it take to get you and CD Hagg together for a fit pic? happy.gif
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Re: confidence and comfort, it is most of the time your stance. When you have bad posture, you'll find yourself most comfortable maintaining that bad posture. If someone's shoulders are curved, if their feet are splayed out, if their hips are tilted, or if their head is perched far forward, then telling them to stand up straight will probably look awkward and be somewhere between uncomfortable and painful.

Whether they recognize it or not, people tend to view good posture as a projection of another person's confidence and comfort. It's not a strictly "mental" or behavioral thing.
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Originally Posted by Benesyed View Post

Not feelin that fit SG. The black shirt + blue jeans in that style/combo untucked looks weird to me and I dont really dig the trainers frown.gif

I hear you. It was my first foray into black-shirt territory, and the whole day I was wearing a sweater to cover it!
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hems are way too small for those shoes

also art man not feelin the shape of those guidis
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Originally Posted by A Fellow Linguist View Post

Maybe true, but I don't have any desire to grow it out again. I'm hooked on the convenience, I think.

How often do you cut it, though? Considering how short it always is, it looks like you do it once a week? You could probably get away with doing it every two weeks, and at a longer grade of 2 or 3.
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Kaplan, that knit is too good.
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Not a real fit more so need advice. Anyone have footwear suggestions for this? I can't decide between side zip or laced. In either case want split leather. Also want to get the aa viscose t in grey and/or white for this.

edit: glasses look crazy weird in this pic. makes me think of bottles in banjo kazooie

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^ so goood
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Nice cardigan, Kaplan. (And keep the buttons smile.gif.)
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Definitely keep the buttons.
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