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this is cdhagg all over again. he used to get a ton of crap, and he would post his fits and someone else's too and be all like, "wtf, we the same"


then cdhagg posted a nice fit and got a bunch of thumbs and pretty much disappeared--validation achieved.


remember, elisix doesn't want advice or feedback, he wants validation that his shit is good. he will argue you to death of you disagree.

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The pictures were taken before I realized how stupid the top button done up was. It wasn't long until it was undone. With the jacket, I just wanted to roll the sleeves. Again, thanks for the feedback.

Not a top button has been done up since smile.gif

Dbear, that's not true. It's really not.
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who, why did you shave your head? You had pretty damn dope hair
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Originally Posted by caseyfud View Post

Reposting this. RIP to Who's hair.
that warranted a strong exhale from my nose.
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First post + waywt.

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Jeans need to be hemmed. Working on that.
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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

who, why did you shave your head? You had pretty damn dope hair

Haha, thanks man. I kinda miss the hair, but I'm pretty happy with this too.

To answer your question though, I guess it was kind of an impulse decision that was also influenced by the fact that I've seen a few people with shaved heads lately (AFL, some people at school) so I figured I'd try it out. Also didn't want to pay for another haircut for awhile, haha.
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I really prefer to lurk in this thread, but I'll bite on the whole elisix thing.


I've taken to scouring this thread in my boredom, because, well, it is interesting to see the different combinations and aesthetics that various people come up with. It's kind of like walking around in NYC, but with a much lower percentage of chaff, boring and WTFacidtrip, which is to say its eclectic but more palatable than the actual streets. Elisix, you seem to like a more conservative, very CBD/business casualish kind of aesthetic. It is not that, in and of itself, that causes you to get trashed on here. If you take a look at the past 300 pages or so (wow I can't believe I've made it back that far shog[1].gif) there are a fair few posters that successfully have gone for and garnered praise for their casual "classic menswear" fits, people like NOBD consistently kill this look. The idea that only one sort of look can make it to SW&D heaven is BS. Just look at the praise people like MoK get, etc - those fits are great and certainly aren't all black goth-ninja, trendy high fashunz whatever. They're just well put together outfits that are flattering and natural.


For me, there's just always something off about your fits. It's very hard to put a finger on, but there's just something not particularly pleasing about their aesthetic. For instance, in your last fit, you cuffed your jeans, untucked your shirt and buttoned it all the way up; under a parka which you rolled up the sleeves on. Something about this combination just does not work. Part of it has to do with your stature and build, part of it with your clothing choices and part of it with the decisions you made on how to wear the clothes you chose. It creates this weirdly "boxy", almost squarish kind of overall look that just isn't flattering. It reminds me of the 1/3rds rule in photography (if memory serves), where the normal boring composition is having the object or focus of the picture in the center and where shifting the attention/action of the shot to the 1/3 or 2/3 edge of the frame creates a much more interesting shot (oversimplification, crucifixion by real photographers unnecessary, I'm just trying to make a point about an obscure ill-formed notion I have haha). In the same way, all your choices (cuffed jeans, untucked shirt, chunky soled shoes, etc) create this sort of 50-50 split between your the upper and lower halves of your fit. To my eye, that is just not pleasing or flattering. It makes you look shorter and stockier than you likely are. I've noticed the same thing with your blazer fits and the like, where the blazer/SC hits in a very classic menswear sort of way (I.e it's not all trendy short, and actually covers ya bum), and you wear your jeans cuffed, or they just aren't slim and elongating enough to balance out your overall look and make it pop/give it that something extra that makes it a "good" fit. Those are my musings anyway. Also, color isn't bad nor does it seem to be universally hated on here, but color combinations need to work together. The color combinations in your last fit are just off, there's too much going on/the colors of your shirt just doesn't go with the dark jeans AND the matching brown shoes/parka - it's just jarring.


I'm curious as to what some properly stacked, slim denim would look like on you. Probably a helluva lot better than the cuffed look you always gravitate towards, but that's just my opinion.


Edit: I see there were many posters before me that made these same points, consider this horse successfully beaten the fuck to death....

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Re the hair:

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fuck this thread
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OK I'm going to post something from the weekend + an brief experiment from the SW&D blazers thread. Please ignore messy stacks.

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Schneider / W+H / MMM (no vis) / Dior / MMM

And the following was a test of what I was discussing with Hendrix in the blazer thread
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TaT / W+H / MMM / Dior / MMM
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Originally Posted by fishbones View Post

Quick fit pic at my girl's crib for my new Ervell Varsity.

Ervell x2
Same 'ol.

fishbones is our fucking savior.
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along with shoreman, sup synth
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mike868y, you ever thought about trying some Ervell? Maybe I'm off-base, but I feel like it would work well with what you wear
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when i was new here i looked into it but heard about the weird fit so I've kind of avoided it because I don't really have a chance to try it on in person. it's always on my radar though and there are definitely some ervell pieces I'd love to own. It's a little more luxe/less workwear than most of my clothes, but could definitely work. his blazers always look really really cool on the runway. same with knits. and shirts. and everything.
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Fit on some of his stuff is bizarre for sure, but if you get a chance to try some out in person, or try out from a site with a good return policy you should give it a shot
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