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hunting and collecting here in europe stocked her stuff a few seasons ago - same with oen. pretty sure neither stocked any AW though. seems odd that she's not in any other stores over here considering how good her collections are. 

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Originally Posted by rennavate View Post

I picked up this floral Naked and Famous shirt the other day for $45 on sale at a local shop. So stoked about it!

Damn it got down to $45 at grav pope?? I bought it for full price cry.gif
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Originally Posted by i2onnel View Post

Last night, Grammy Parties fit021013.jpg
Rick Owens
Roberto Cavalli
Dior Homme
Yves St Laurent
Hermes (no vis) belt
Rolex (no vis) watch
Bottega Veneta (no vis) bracelets

Extra IMG_1933.jpg
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
but really, nice fit.
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click for details and natural lighting (Click to show)
Colours are about as accurate as I could get them. Jacket is a greenish tan linen, tshirt is a thin light brown cotton, pants are a lightweight cotton poplin in a deep red. pocketsquare is white linen.

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Like that a lot

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very nice hendrix. thanks for posting the details shots, the full pic hardly did the colors justice.
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I don't like the necklace personally but that jacket is fantastic.

eh the necklace is kinda growing on me.

I might steam the lapels.
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The pocket square is both out of place and not folded well.
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Seconded. The colors look great in the detail shots.
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what I wore today, Fat Tuesday

Martin Moarjelly/ H&M x Martin Margiela/ Martin Margiela-esque/ Timberland x PO-ZU

whate I ate for Fat Tuesday

Vanilla Milkshake and Fried Chicken Waffle Sandwich...burp
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fat everyday
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I mean this in no offense Cola, and it has been talked about ad nauseum hear, what with the whole rick owns quote thing, but I think you've got cool personal style, you'd just look so much better in your duds if you shed some weight.
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Safe to say the vanilla milkshake and fried chicken waffle sandwich wont be the best start
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Gonna be honest, that sandwich looks fucking incredible.
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