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benes relationship with swd is like a guy who's had ten "crazy" girlfriend and is yet to realize that he is the problem
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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

Don't redact, dude!

lol, too late for that.
Breakdown: 1/4 zip is bad. It is always bad. Benesyed has absolutely no idea what he's talking about, so don't let him bolster your ego. They speak to everything that's wrong with menswear.

please do not take the following as dismissive, it really is not meant to be. a lot of this really may boil down to an MC centric approach, which i have, versus a SWD centric approach. i posted the fit in MC as well, and it was pretty well received there. i probably should not have posted it here, but if ever there was a day for it, it was today.

i can appreciate that point of view, but i do not share it. i do not think 1/4 zips are by definition bad, and furthermore, i have always liked them. i like the high neck and i like the look. i have a similar sweater with a button up neck that garnered some love, and essentially its the same concept at the 1/4 zip regarding look and fit imo.
More importantly, however:
The color - I find it tacky, gaudy. It's too bright for such a staid item, and gives you a "dressed by your mother" look.

it was a bright purple, and yes, i guess it could be called gaudy, but i like it. i like purple. i have other items with purple, and i happily wear them all. i dont think it gives me a "dressed by mom" look, but if it does, so be it. i still like it.
The hemline - the ribbing is not doing you any favors. Combined with the trousers (which appear to have a heavy tape - lovely color on those, and the shoes, by the way), it's really emphasizing your midsection. Now, I'm not into body-shaming or anything like that, but this isn't a good look. Those chunky fisherman knits look best (IMO) when they're sort of slouchy and oversized, not pulled tight across your front. The quarter zip doesn't help - it's just emphasizing the bottom of the V, where your midsection begins. The heavy taper from armhole to cuff also makes it worse - like you're a flailing disco eggplant.

firstly, thanks for the compliments on the pants and shoes.

i really do think a lot of these points you make are exaggerated by the angle of the pic. i dont think the arms give off that rather descriptive eggplant vibe you suggested, nor do i think that my fat gut is as fat and gutty as it apparently seemed in the pic. but then again, anytime anyone says, no no its the angle!! its usually read as LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!!! KOP OUT!!!! and if that is how its taken, oh well.

going back to the MC thing, i have a very hard time wearing looser oversized items. i feel like a homeless person or a child in their fathers clothing. i like a more tailored fitted look, and while that may not always be ideal for my present body shape (i was not always an elephant) its how i feel more comfortable when i see myself.
I would suggest an unribbed sweater - I'm sure you've seen pictures of the SNS Herning Stark floating around on the forum, and I think that a navy one would really look great with this fit.

i would like an SNS herning stark very VERY badly, but they are pricey, and now is not a great time, i hope to have one by next F/W season. and hopefully, when i do, it will make for a great fit.
Originally Posted by rennavate View Post

I want to see the fit that this critique is for, but you took down the photo, stitches. RE-UP!

its found elsewhere, with a shout-out to synth, if you really want to see it. please keep it there.
long story short, i still do like like the fit, and its just for everyone. i hope i dont come of as poo-poo'ing anything, i appreciate the time synth took to share his feedback.
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Originally Posted by brad-t View Post

benes relationship with swd is like a guy who's had ten "crazy" girlfriend and is yet to realize that he is the problem


You're just mad that Bene x Brad-t is the #1 shipping on this board shog[1].gif

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flailing disco eggplant




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Originally Posted by Distorbiant View Post

You're just mad that Bene x Brad-t is the #1 shipping on this board shog%5B1%5D.gif

rotflmao.gif Official SW&D Slash Fiction Thread in the works?
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...herp derp mcberp glurp...
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I don't laugh at anything online.
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thats too bad. there is a lot to laugh about.

also, i did not redact for fear of mockery, i redacted because i felt it did not belong here.
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Fuck this thread
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I don't like pets and I don't want kids, but I'm only 20 so I don't know anything. Anyway, I tried to to a plebe version of Istasi's fit from the other day, but it looks like shit, doesn't it? Why?

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Would be great if the sleeves were 1.5" longer, IMO. Still good as is. I like the drape of the pants.
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