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Originally Posted by fishbones View Post

Big thanks Mike!
And yes it is an army-issue M65 tagged in a size XS.
My only discrepancy with it is the arm length is a bit short.
I'm currently 5'7 and the overall length and fitting fits me well with room.
I'll try posting some detail pictures later tonight!

thank you! do you know if its xshort length or normal length?
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Oh nice - you found my old high school photo. fing02[1].gif


Braces were a bitch.

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elisix please close your mouth when you take photos
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Denim jacket, sup reedo.

Warning: Boring. (Click to show)
Siki Im
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What size did you get on that Siki Im? Been debating getting one for myself.
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siki im denim jacket is so nice, would love to get my hands on it in black
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Insane price on it now. I got TTS for almost $50 more and it definitely fits TTS.
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Damn, where'd you pick it up from? Can't find many smalls left in stock, might just have to pull the trigger on one
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Machus. M and L left.
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Originally Posted by hendrix View Post

hey hey hey it's Tongariro and Fox glacier and Milford Sound etc. when were you here?

Warning: NZ stuff (Click to show)

I was there in '07, driving around and living out of this for a month:


We did Tongario - including the climb to the top of Mt Ngauruhoe - one day, and then the following day climbed to the top of Mt Ruapeho on our own, which was pretty challenging. Also, sand tobogganing, dolphin watching, black and white water rafting, mountain biking, sea kayaking, river canoeing, heli hiking to the top of Franz Josef glacier (not Fox wink.gif ) and walked the Kepler track in two days.

Truly spectacular country and nature. Being able to sleep in your van by the sea, take a morning swim, drive for a bit, take a hike up through a tropical forest and ending up on a ridge with a view of snow capped peaks - pure bliss :-)
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RP / Sarti / Grundahl / EG / BT / Nudies / Buttero

I think the hat works here? I dunno. I want to try it in a simpler outfit, maybe just a white shirt, black jeans and boots.
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hat is not bad
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Hat is fine, still wish you would grow your hair again
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GBear - that fit is win.

AFL - of course, i am down with hat usage. now work on the beard. smile.gif
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