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TOJ/Uniqlo/Uniqlo/Doc Martens/shamelessselfshill
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Originally Posted by dim_sum View Post

New hair cut, you know what that means..


No, we don't know what that means. patch[1].gif

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Starting one's day with nicelynice lifestyle pics is strangely comforting...


tagutcow killing it as always

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Sup KoY


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upsala, where?!
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El calafate.. I´m on a small holiday to see the perito moreno glaciar.

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'Sup APK

Heavy cotton, soft hand and feels sturdy (heavy).
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i dont quite understand that thing, but i like it. i also think you paired it very well. pants are a chocolate brown, shirt is light blue?
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Is the belt removable?
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Yeah it sort of works doesn't it? Probably would wear it with a white shirt and same or different pants. Photoed are charcoal with dark purple socks (no vis)

I don't own anything in brown =\

Belt is not removable...it hangs a little above the hemline
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That's a bummer... would really like it if it was. Looks nice though, but I think something that isn't a blue ocbd would be better
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NN, great boots
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Just a hurried fit pic after work satisfied.gif

But it's so easy to wear I don't really mind I guess. Now, APK post a photo b/c I think you're the only other person who has it. I like, don't you?
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