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weird, it comes out shimmery on sf
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Greetings all, first post on SF, first vest I own, does it look ok? 


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For you chocolate lovers, go check out the book Adventures With Chocolate by Paul Young. Some damn good recipes in there. Had myself a chocolate, bacon, and Stilton sandwich that was great.
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cheese, bacon and chocolate? no thanks.
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hersheys chocolate + jalapeno potato chips = delicious awesome
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chocolate on schneider cardigan, raf simons watching.
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

i think your fits would be vastly improved with a white uniqlo t-shirt


Sorry did you mean for this particular fit? Or I should be wearing a plain white t-shirt in all of my fits instead of a button down shirt? 


Figured I was doing something different enough to warrant a post.


No button down, layered and some different tones to the normally bright colors I wear. 

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Originally Posted by hoozah View Post

is it just me or does caseyfud seem like the coolest guy to hang out with irl

thanks - i don't know if I can give an honest assessment of myself, so I'll just leave it at that.

Originally Posted by snowmanxl View Post

i cannot compute how that caseyfud pic was taken!! someone explain redface.gif
enjoy the concert!

It was in an H&M dressing room - there's not one in Columbia nor Albuquerque, so I always stop by whenever I'm in St. Louis.

I've been a fan of Lady Gaga since Lovegame came out in 2009, so it was cool to finally see her live. I thought about driving back across Missouri to see her show in Kansas City tomorrow night, but then I decided I'd better not.
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Oh god, that's tomorrow night? Guess I'm not getting dinner anywhere near downtown KC tomorrow...
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photo Picture2308_zpsfe32100f.jpg
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You are on another level man...

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the back of your coat looks like a sad catfish
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^^^ bottom feeder level? happy.gif
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Originally Posted by artishard116 View Post

Nice MoK, shoes are a great color.

Cheers - they're starting do develop a decent patina

Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

MoK - that jacket is awesome. now i am upset that passed p on a similar style jacket thinking it would look funny. damnit.

You ought to try heritage pieces - I can see you in a Cabourn Mallory.

Originally Posted by prurient View Post

It's cold out: NC / RRL / MHL / Gitman Vintage / Monitaly / Yuketen.

What's the NC jacket?

Elisx - better.

Snowmanxl - cool.
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