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Nice shoes jwoo
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Someone convince me to splurge and buy an intarsia by way of criticism please.


AFL, that scarf is wicked; the way the textures (what I can make out of them) combine is awesome.


jwoo, bomber looks great, pairs nicely with the nylon shoes. Where's it from?

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That is why I need a Sarti scarf. Just looks nice layered

BTW odyn vovk tee looks awesome, lesmourai...from blackbird? Bookmarked that now I can't find it anywhere
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Thanks for the comments guys. Bomber is yang Li from last season
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AFL, les, max and KOY - really good stuff with 4 different aesthetics.
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Don't like it Moo. Cool pieces in there but seems pretty incongruent...especially top half/bottom half.
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i like the top half, and i like the bottom half, but not so much together.

those boots do look awesome though.
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Leather + slutty tee up top?
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Bottom half is great, but not with top half, like errone else has said.
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nah, jeans and sneaks on the bottom
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Noted, thanks guys.
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moo I'd wear that in a heartbeat with some beat-up new standards an CP's for a casual deal. I probably wouldn't do camo on the bottom, but that's just me. I'm not sure I would tuck, either - next time, try lacing them tight up to the top, maybe. My Augustas flare out in a similar way when I leave them loose, and I don't really like what it does to the silhouette. I think you could probably wear that cardigan with those boots, though, if you changed the pants out for some looser trousers and didn't tuck. Maybe with a less conservative shirt?
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Will def try a different shirt and pants with sweater/boots. The pants came out of hibernation... maybe they go back. lol8[1].gif

And yeah... the boots were OK until I started walking around and then this happened... will lace higher if tucking.
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How does Mrs moo feel about the sexier edgier swd moo smile.gif?

Each half looks like it can give rise to a sweet fit. Leather jacket would look great.
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