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In truth, you are all tripping. The pants are great but the outfit is lacking. The pants suggested above though, those are truly atrocious.
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Stop taking pictures with your sandals when you're not actually wearing them outside the house. It throws off all your recent fits.
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No more sandals. Got it.
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Originally Posted by Urthwhyte View Post

Going to see my brother perform this evening. Plain I know, but finding a jacket to fit my shoulders and chest has proven difficult. 

Where's bows performing, and what's the act?
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Not to pile on, because I think you're mostly just posting too many pictures, and trying to get too many outfits, but if you're going Yohji, buy Yohji. Don't buy thing-that-looks-like-Yohji, buy Yohji. If everyone could design oversize stuff like Yohji does, the '90s would be an inspirational decade. 


Just for what it's worth, I liked this one. The stripe was a bit odd, but the rest looks good. 

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I thought Bene said he would take a break? I feel like we are on the same topic since forever.
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NWI I must know what your avatar is from because it's both strange and hilarious and I keep getting terribly distracted by it.
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Adventure time! biggrin.gif

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Bad perspective on these but anyways


+J Cardi
Backlash leather Shirt
Uniqlo Heat-Tech (no vis)
Banana Republic Side Zip
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love those colors. You should take some details of the shirt, I don't think I really understand.
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it's a leather shirt with a plaid pattern printed on it, no? or is it that thing with the leather/fabric bonding?
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Merry Doapmas errybody.
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Where can I get similar plaid shirts? Need to look more grunge with my MA-1s
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really nice bows
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