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burn those pants bene
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NWI I don't know how I feel about that overall but definitely unbutton the bottom button.

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The blazer + tee+ big ass pants + sandals is not working. Can you post a pic with boots on? Just curious if it would look better.

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Longtime lurker, first post. Not sure if I should tuck here. Think it would look better if I had a curved hem shirt. Pardon my messy studio

deets (Click to show)
EG bucket
EG parka
Club Monaco blazer
Uniqlo shirt
LL Bean redwing knock offs
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Bene whenever I see these pants I think they'd work better for you than those, if you can afford another $200 to spend on pants.

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Originally Posted by Benesyed View Post

Great stuff Mikey, glad the dye job worked out!
I think next year I'm just going to get hakamas. These are the ice skater pants ironed and worn a bit lower. I think it turned out nicely. Wore boots out. We wear sandals inside.

Sorry Bene, but I just think those pants were an unfortunate buy... Ebay them and put the cash towards something else?
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If they were black i would have a while back, but thanks Casey.

I'm content with the shape so I'll stop beating the dead horse. Lhb, how would you feel about a white Jersey button down sorta long (or even black)?
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With those pants?? I don´t really know what would work, man.  I´d follow MoK´s advice, really.

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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

Yeah, just dyed it again last night. Used black dye so it came out purple. Thanks for the compliment, appreciate it coming from someone like you.

Purple looks super nice, don't dye it any more!
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B, if you wore a uniqlo oxford instead of one of those hideous tees you'd probably look fine. And if you didn't take photos with your hands in your pockets like that. And took them outside. Wearing boots, instead of those stupid sandals.

NWI, are those the campus boots? I think you need a looser, western-styled blazer. MMM has so many options, why don't you just browse around and ignore this terry/sweat-blazer look you've been after?

mikey, looking good. Casey, don't recommend those pants to anyone.
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I feel like there are two types of disparaged posters: Caseyfud (recently)/ Snow-types and Tagutcow-types. The first category takes the criticism decently seriously, makes changes, and posts new (better) stuff. Improvement happens. People do better. The second category falls into the Tagut-trap. Rather than take the criticism seriously, they decide that, for whatever reason, the people criticizing "don't understand." Either they don't want to look like a sissy-boy, or they don't understand the monetary limitations. And then, rather than change, they keep posting fits and most of them are badly received. Partly because they're bad. 


Bene, you seem to be falling into the second category. You had some good fits, but now you're stuck in the "I won't change" place, and you aren't improving. But the advice here is good, and you're allowed to wear only a tiny wardrobe. I run with 3 pairs of shoes, 3 pants, 3 jackets. That's my closet. And I like them. Yeah, it's repetitive, but by not buying things that are odd, or not quite what I want, I get good pieces and end up looking good (I think). You don't need a good wardrobe, but the guys critiquing you here are right. Calm buying, and save for real grails. 

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Bene... listen to the guys who know things about this aesthetic. Maybe PM with asobu? He was great when I PMed him with a question some time ago. Obviously there are other guys who do this well, so maybe connect with them? Try to refine your style internally instead of throwing up fits here daily to see what sticks. Just my $0.02.
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I took the advice and still am. I got some doc like boots and I'm on board with that t shirt being out of place.

Don't gut cow me frown.gif haha

Honestly thought it was a solid to good fit. Posting helped me realize weaknesses.
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In truth, you are all tripping. The pants are great but the outfit is lacking. The pants suggested above though, those are truly atrocious.
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Stop taking pictures with your sandals when you're not actually wearing them outside the house. It throws off all your recent fits.
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