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Dogs have masters, cats have slaves...

I'm under the paw.


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Is that a freaking ocelot????
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Did someone say Ocelot?






Whatever majestic beast that is (can't quite tell), that's fuckin rad shah icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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Originally Posted by BreezyBirch View Post

Is that a freaking ocelot????
IT's a cheetah
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You should tape that to your back.
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I'd love to have a bengal or an ocicat. I forget what breed of cat it is, but they can run up into the thousands.
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Some recent stuff. Nothing special really:

yohji jacket
aa shirt
yohji pantsu

vtg scarf
eg suit (navy)
yohji shirt (raw, screen printed hem. see detail shot)
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Oddly enough, any kind of perfume gets them excited. And of course one dummy decided to not heed the warning, spraying a litre on. Did not end well, he left with torn shirt the damn animal kept jumping on him...

Reinded me of this tho to be honest a lion is much more terrifying...
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I haz Jil chainmail to protect me from cheetah pounces. It's the allergies that will do me in.
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insane video.
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jesus christ arabs have some rather large balls. just look up "arab driving" or "arab drifting" videos on youtube.
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Cats and dogs are both awesome for different reasons. I love dogs, but I don't have the time nor the space to properly devote to caring for one. And now that my friend is training his giant bernese puppy, I realize I may not have the patience.

That said, I lucked out with my cat. He's just awesome and full of personality and fun. I think cats are more hit-and-miss than dogs in terms of personality, so I'm thankful. He's half savannah (wild asshole) and half siamese (human slut) so it works out well.

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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post



Great looking sneakers! May I ask what they´re called/where you bought them?

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TW the cps look really out of place in the first fit, I could see some black boots/derbies working really well there. Otherwise it's great, love that yohji shirt.

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