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elisix if you are just showcasing your fits for the benefit of others then its probably a waste of your time. WAYWT presumes a certain level of "ballerness" - which isnt limited to a certain brand although certain brands are more liked. But thats probably more a result of those brands being well designed pieces.

If you post for feedback to improve then you should hold off and post again when you make changes. I posted that last (bad) pic because it was a different set of proportions and cuts.

No one really gave me shit in terms of posting the fit, more so the content of the fit itself. If you want more constructive criticism just step back and lay off posting unless its something new (radically so) or has the changes made. I disagree with the view that these fits should just be the very best fit you can put together, sort of makes it pointless to post in a discussion thread if all you post are fits that are really good followed by fawning over there goodness, at the same time you can't just rehash the same thing. I think most if not all of my fits were attempts (with varying success) to improve and incorporate different things. I definitely think you need outside perspective and need to post fits or else youll probably remain ignorant.

Its like reedo says, esp early on you post a lot because you are trying to fish and figure things out.

and sipang disagrees with me 100%
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I have a private WAYWT diary where I post fits and offer myself lots of compliments. It's awesome. But I still get trolled sometimes.
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Great, now WAYWT is having an existential crisis.
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Just block the people you don't like, it's really not that hard.

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Originally Posted by elisiX View Post

Hang on, so this thread should in fact be about daily fits (good or bad), discussion of said fits (per the title), and there is a best of thread for circle jerking? 
this is a discussion thread for waywt. anything and everything may or may not be said about peoples fits. you should take most comments with a grain of salt and remember it's the internet. don't take offense to what people say.. either take it as constructive criticism or leave it. if you just want to post your fits and you are set in your ways, then perhaps the waywt no-discussion thread is more up your (or whomevers) ally.
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Oh my fuck, guys, you have to over-think and ruin everything.

elisix, people are giving you flack because you keep posting almost the same outfit every day, which means people will have the same criticisms of every outfit (shirt too long, colors don't mesh, etc.). I've sort of spaced out on these latest developments, but just by scrolling through and skimming your last few outfits and the subsequent comments, people aren't giving you a rough time for the sake of it. They're giving you a rough time because a lot of them have already offered specific, valid critiques of what appears to be your go-to fit (BD shirt, khaki pants, gaudy baller sneakers), and you keep posting that fit. It's like a sartorial version of this.

From my own perspective, while the title implores you to share what you're wearing today, I'd rather the contributors in this thread use some discretion when it comes to dropping in an image. There are only a few regulars here who I think could post virtually every day and not have it get redundant. I don't know who mentioned it earlier, but I agree that it's important to get a sense of the ebb and flow of an online community before you make your voice heard. Maybe that caters to groupthink or flirts with an elitist aura, but at least it keeps us safely away from god-awful "discussions" like the one that's clogged up the last few pages.
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I kind of want to post a fit to shut all you guys up but I all i've been wearing for the past few days are my underwear \m/

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Originally Posted by slstr View Post

I kind of want to post a fit to shut all you guys up but I all i've been wearing for the past few days are my underwear \m/
at least you will get a thumbs up from colabear lol8[1].gif
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I've updated my reading for this thread and: baldy[1].gif

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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

Maybe there should be a strict n00b WAYWT thread that's strictly for advice for newcomers?

I agree, that is why I started one:
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yeah but then you stylistic masters with thousands upon thousands of posts won't deign to go there and the noobs will be guideless and/or guiding one another.

It'll be the blind leading the blind. 

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Like an MFA program for wearing clothes. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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I'm so glad I didn't start out in a beginner's thread. I used to think I would want to dress in a Yohji/Damir/RO sor of way; if people had given me advice on how to do that -- at a point before I even understood how to dress somewhat okay in "normal" clothes -- I'd probably have destroyed my wallet and failed miserably.

Sometimes prolonged suffering is a good companion.
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I will post a fit.


blank stare





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