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Originally Posted by elisiX View Post

I think you guys must misunderstand the process of learning. 


A significant part of that process is learning from ones mistakes. 


Who the hell are you to say not to post anything until you have something worth posting? And is this transformation which you expect, and praise the likes of Casey for, meant to happen overnight? That's just ridiculous. How does the person who is on that learning curve know whether they have achieved something without sharing and receiving feedback? 


Stop posting the same mistakes with different articles of clothing; e.g., shirts that are too long, contrast between shoes and pants too strong, etc.


These mistakes do not enhance your appearance.


You do not understand the concept of "fit".


The picture below, which I stole from earlier post in the thread and edited through cropping, is of a fit or outfit that would be a far better look for you than anything you have posted before, despite what you believe might be a boring color pallet. Feel free to use brighter colors, but keep the same fit and relative contrast as below, and you will have a beautiful and colorful fit that will get kudos and not derision.


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Originally Posted by kindofyoung View Post

Wasn't that my very first pic in this thread? I came here to learn and get a sense of style, not everyone has one when they first get here wink.gif
But you're missing the point, which is that since you upload the same fit every time, there's no visible learning, no journey, and nothing interesting about your posts. Until something in your fits is different, there's no point posting them so very often.

Don't remember who it was, but when I got told the same thing I'm telling you now, someone wrote a long and detailed post about this thread and how it "works". If this "someone" can identify himself with this and can find his old post, feel free to re-quote it smile.gif


Unless it's a forum owner, moderator or the like telling me how this thread 'works', i'll be participating in the most logical manner possible. That is, read, partake in discussion, post your fits, try to learn something from those you admire. 


I didn't realise that picture was from your first post here KOY - and honestly, personally attacking you is not my intention. I apologise. However how long have I been in this thread? A month? Should I have learned to be a good, obedient WAYWT thread participant by now?


The fact that you claim there has been no journey is wrong IMO. I've asked a whole series of questions and am actively trying to implement some of the things I agree with. I'm not going to be told what to do, nor should you. 

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Originally Posted by tropics View Post

you have totally dominated this thread for the last couple of weeks. you have plenty of feedback. the polite thing to do would be to take some time to reflect on the feedback and let it sink in, rather than coming back with the same type of thing every day. this is not the "teach elisix how to dress" thread.


Point taken. 

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You've been here for over 3 months laugh.gif
And I'm not trying to attack you either (noone is actually), just trying to explain
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Time flies when your having fun. 3 months it is then.


No more fit pics until I 1, tailor my shit or 2, tuck my shirt. fight[1].gif

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hallelujah. group hug guys?
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Fist pump do? fistbump.gif

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Something something next time meet outside uniqlo.
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Originally Posted by elisiX View Post

Elitism is such a welcome change around here.

It's so boring repeatedly hearing from nice, thoughtful and helpful people who think that this thread is about showing your fits, learning from others, providing advice and going on a bit of a personal journey.

And just in case you and a couple more heroes around here are stupid in addition to rude, I offer you this;


The advocacy or existence of an elite as a dominating element in a system or society.
The attitude or behavior of a person or group who regard themselves as belonging to an elite.

Time for a group hug? smile.gif

Whats the value of feedback you don't listen to

I have only been back for maybe 2 weeks and you have posted the same fit at least 4 times

It seems you like to see yourself on the computer screen (which is fine, we all do) but you don't really care about feedback. A blog might be a better format for you.

And are you in LA? I feel like your fits would be way more interesting with more layers, which I'm guessing/hoping is a no go for you. As is though, boring, sometimes ill fitting chinos, boring but decent fitting button downs and generally boring to ugly shoes will always make for boring fits. Switch it up
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who wanna step?!?
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I like your sweater who!
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The real winner is Ervell who has everyone except AndrewRW convinced it's a sweater not a sweatshirt. I have another version and I admit they do seem like sweaters.
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Originally Posted by elisiX View Post


Sorry what? You must be kidding surely. 



Pray tell, what should I be doing different? 

the difference here is that he didn't post this samefit a 100 times in 3 months. You can actually see the improvements in his subsequent pics.


Yes you have a right to post what you want but at point it becomes semi trolling when you post the same fits with the same complaint from not just you but everyone else.

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Maybe WAYWT translates to what are you wearing every day in australian.
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could be
fosters is Australian for beer , who knows what other kinds of messed up translations they have going on
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