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Originally Posted by the shah View Post

thanks erryone. the coat is quite nice indeed and those pants have been my go-to, incredibly thick but soft cashmere fabric ..
i dont mind the cold since i can layer lot of great fabrics and keep toasty

Regis colors are perfect, i'd wear those slip-ons (see avatar cool.gif )

Many thanks. I've come to appreciate a style such as yours, you pull it off very well

Originally Posted by Mr. Moo View Post

Yah. And you can get leid!


You in Hawaii? Enjoy man it is a beautiful place
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Originally Posted by conceptual 4est View Post

That Monitaly coat is gonna look really good on you nod%5B1%5D.gif

Thanks! I hope so. It seems to be just the right mix of "vintage"-looking and eccentric. I'm looking forward to getting my hand on it!
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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

32F according to up

32 now, but was awful this morning walking to class in the wind frown.gif

schneider coat (one of my best B&S purchases in a long time)
shockoe denim

no vis: rag & bone cashmere crew, heattech
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teeg you look like you need to eat. also don't cuff.
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always cuff. forever. (it's hard to see because of my dogshit photo, but there's a bunch of stacking with the cuff).

and thanks for saying i look skinny! if only it was true...
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brands (Click to show)
ro/3.1 philip lim/prada/dior/shoto
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that gradient shirt seems out of place
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teger, do you have any more pics(more detailed ones) or a link for that coat? 

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Originally Posted by slstr View Post

.... you realise -6F is the same temperature as -6F?


Originally Posted by kindofyoung View Post

was -6 F here yesterday :/
bit warmer (or well less cold) today, ~6 F


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Jean cuffs look no bueno with that coat. Needs trousers if you want to cuff. Od for class though i guess depending on where you are
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So bummed I slept on that coat frown.gif

Price was ridiculous

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that's a pretty damn cool coat fing02[1].gif

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Tanner! Not sure why, but for some reason your pics just don't excite me, even though the pieces you wear should be pretty sweet in theory. For your next pic, try finding a place with better lighting or use a speedlight. The lighting should bring out the textures of the fabrics a bit better and inject some energy into the look, nameen? Peace
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Teger's mirror may be bent, making him look longer. Though the "if only it were true" screams "bulimia"
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