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I think everything's A+ until you open the coat. The cardigan seems out of place.
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WAYWT is going to shit again frown.gif
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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

WAYWT is going to shit again frown.gif

yin yang man, yin yang wink.gif

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Same ol' boring stuff, taking the dog to the park (hat is probably out of place, but I didn't feel like doing anything to my hair)


Bonus shot (he didn't want his face censored out)
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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i like the hat, maybe in a diff color so it was lighter? smile.gif

@ reedo jabo, bacon (super jelly of that jacket), RFX, auburn and MoK were pretty good fits imo! My bad for the silliness with ld before. We made up. Much love mao biggrin.gif

@jabo, i think a white t or white ocbd would be good. Something light and earth tone/neutral. The black looks too out of place to me.
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Sev that looks great, hat looks fine. Up your shoe game, white achilles or something that isn't that gray captoe shit and the fug OG white/gray gats don't count either.

I want that cardi
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^Damn, those are all I have (besides some black tournament highs and boots) shog[1].gif I had white achilles, but I never liked wearing them very much; maybe I need to get some of those light gray achilles they had a few seasons ago
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I just think white sneakers would look better. But I also just don't like the gray captoes and MMMs that aren't all white/painted
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light grey cps are super underrated, was my first pair i ever got in 06

never liked captoe cps
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band of outsiders - jil sander - jil sander - raf simons
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seve n stevo nice stuff, guise
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new suit, wool/mohair, off the rack fit, cuffs or no cuffs on the pants?

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